A clear vision for DHS in 2020

DHS Director's Message
Message from DHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht​
January 15, 2020

We have welcomed a new year and a new decade bright with promise for the Oregon Department of Human Services. Our Department holds a unique position in state government because we serve Oregonians across the full lifespan, helping them live their full potential in every phase of life. We are poised to make great strides in 2020 in maturing our organization to better assist those we serve in living with safety, health and independence.
A clear direction for our future has emerged from research and many conversations over the past year with staff, partners and others that have interest in our work.  The future calls for our Department to deliver services in a seamless and integrated manner, across the entire continuum of life, and in strong partnership with other organizations.
Integration of services is a goal for human services agencies across the country. The framework we are adopting to guide service delivery evolution from a regulative approach to a generative approach is the Human Services Value Curve​. It is a maturity model to be implemented over time that recognizes:

  •  People and programs are interconnected.
  •  Service continuums must be designed with outcomes in mind instead of individual interventions.
  •  It is important to pay as much attention to the environment as we do to the individual.
  •  Each individual and family’s health, wellbeing and needs must be approached holistically, addressing each factor that determines their survival and security. 
  •  A multi-generational approach is necessary to help families move beyond the daily struggle to survive and achieve lasting economic stability. 

During 2019, our focus was on stabilizing and strengthening our foundation to prepare our Department to move along the Human Services Value Curve​. During 2020, we will add another layer onto that foundation to ensure it can support and sustain the integrated ​service delivery system we’re working toward.
This year, our efforts will focus on six priorities:  

  • Building a positive, inclusive and enduring culture.
  • Using research, data and analytics to inform decisions that deliver better outcomes. 
  • Advancing equity and inclusion and honoring our commitments to Oregon’s Tribes.
  • Becoming an interconnected organization by working across programs.
  • Increasing meaningful engagement in the community.
  • Putting a management system in place to optimize our resources and the quality of our services. 
Every member of our Department is important in creating the future we envision for the people we serve. Our past accomplishments show that we have the desire, dedication and ability to be a national leader in service delivery evolution. You can see highlights from our many 2019 accomplishments here​. None of these achievements would be possible without you. They create confidence that together, we can become the Department Oregonians desire and need.
Thank you for your hard work last year. I welcome and appreciate your partnership in the exciting year ahead.