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Individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities are successful workers in today's workforce but may need the support of a qualified employment provider to obtain, maintain, or seek promotional opportunities.

Qualified job coaches and job developers can:

  • Assist people with their employment goals,
  • Help them get, learn and keep the jobs of their choice and
  • Provide support to employers to assure their expectations are met,

Become a qualified employment provider/vendor

An individual or agency wishing to be paid for delivering employment services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities must be a qualified provider/vendor of employment services through the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS), through Vocational Rehabilitation, or both.

Find out how to become a qualified vendor through Vocational Rehabilitation services​ 

Find out how to become a qualified provider through the Office of Developmental Disability Services​

Innovative Resources

In 2017, DHS issued innovation grants to providers statewide to create materials or training resources to help with capacity-building. This section contains those materials, and other helpful resources, to support training and outreach efforts.

Employer Engagement

Business Luncheons Manual2/7/2019

Family Engagement

OSAC Guide to Community Employment5/8/2019
Printing Instructions-PCL-Labels1/7/2019
FACT Video- Shift Happens - Your Kid Can Work Part 11/5/2019
FACT Video- Shift Happens - Your Kid Can Work Part 21/4/2019
FACT Video- Bill's Story Working for a Whole Life1/3/2019
FACT Video- Community Building-Employment and Beyond1/3/2019
FACT Video- Employment Myth Busters1/3/2019
FACT Video- From Clienthood to Personhood1/3/2019
FACT Video- Tips and Tools to Discovering Your Strengths1/3/2019
Family Outreach Forum Agenda Example1/3/2019

Training Tools

Employment Provider Mentoring Program Transmittal1/24/2019
Job Coaching Teachers Powerpoint1/3/2019
Job Coaching Teachers Seamless Transition1/3/2019
Summer Job Coach Training Program1/3/2019

Provider Model Work




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Employment Provider Mentoring Program Transmittal
This application is for Medicaid-Enrolled Provider Agencies (Provider Agencies) that are interested in mentoring other Medicaid-Enrolled Provider Agencies with an Employment Endorsement (Employment Provider Agencies) that are seeking technical assistance for specific services or specialties.
Core Competencies and Training Standards for  Services Coordinators and Personal Agents
Core Competencies and Training Standards for  Supported Employment Professionals
Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators seeks to improve employment services for individuals with disabilities by providing competency-based training to professionals working in this field.


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