Success Stories

Eric Virgil, custodian at Sunridge Middle School in Pendelton

Eric Virgil is an outgoing man who loves traveling, karate and going to Portland Trailblazer games.

And now he has a paycheck to support his passions.

Eric, 42, works 20 hours per week as a custodian at Sunridge Middle School in Pendleton. He started working at Sunridge in May 2017 after spending many years in a sheltered workshop.

His provider, Horizon Project, was in the process of closing its sheltered workshop to focus primarily on community employment, along with day activities. Eric had worked as a courtesy clerk in his early 20s but due to lack of support, was not able to maintain that job. Starting in 2015, Horizon began having the conversation with Eric and his mother, Jan Schroth, about community employment. Eric has significant support needs, and there was concern about his ability to transition to a community job.

Eric Virgil cleaning desks in the computer room

“I wasn’t ready yet,” Eric said. “My mom encouraged me to work in the community.”

Eric said he loves his current job. He likes the people, and the peaceful atmosphere of the school in the morning. In his last few years at Horizon, Eric had done janitorial work as part of a contract, and specifically requested a custodian position when looking at community employment. He preferred the work compared to more chaotic environments.

“It’s a good job,” Eric said. “I work really hard.”

Dave Williams, principal at Sunridge Middle School, said Eric is a valuable team member who gets along equally well with the students and his coworkers.

“Eric had some experience doing this type of work and we felt confident he was able to do the job,” Dave said. “He seemed like he would be a good team member and we were proven right.”

Eric is proud of a recent raise he received for doing a good job. He said also appreciates the supports he receives from his job coach at Horizon Project. With his paycheck, he is planning a cruise to the Caribbean and continues to regularly attend basketball games.

“He’s always positive and the kids pick up on that and respond to that,” Dave said. “You can’t beat that smile of his.”

Eric’s employment team includes: Ryan Easlon, service coordinator with Umatilla Community Developmental Disability Program; Akwasi Boaten, job developer with Horizon Project; VR I/DD Counselor Diane Ashley; Cody Rhoades, job coach with Horizon Project; and Jennifer Bonnell, benefits counselor with Work Incentives Network.

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