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Success Stories

1/26/2023National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) celebrates contributions of workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Statewide
12/14/2022Gabrielle moves from sheltered workshop to executive director Portland Area
8/9/2021​Rachel achieves her career goals at Cadence Academy PreschoolPortland Area
3/2/2021Quentin works 20 hours per week at Imperfect FoodsPortland Area
12/15/2020Alexandru works 25 hours per week at Waremart in IndependenceMid-Valley
8/14/2020John works remotely from home during COVID-19 pandemicPortland Area
7/14/2020Taran works full-time at Palm Harbor HomesMid-Valley
1/24/2020Rose works 22 hours per week at her first community jobMid-Valley
12/19/2019Kwynn works three days a week at his dream jobCentral Oregon
10/28/2019Lee works 30 hours per week; maintains his benefitsCentral Oregon
10/8/2019Jake works at Brookdale Senior Living in OntarioEastern Oregon
9/12/2019Oregon Shakespeare Festival Success VideoRoseburg/Southern Oregon
9/11/2019Oregon Shakespeare Festival employs young actors with disabilitiesRoseburg/Southern Oregon
7/3/2019David loves his paycheck at his community job in MadrasCentral Oregon
6/13/2019Bailie excels at her first paid community jobMid-Valley
5/16/2019Robert works more than 20 hours per week at SafewayEastern Oregon
4/25/2019Brody successfully transitions from school to workEastern Oregon
3/11/2019Gregory enjoys his first community job at age 66Mid-Valley
2/22/2019Matt works full-time at Taylor Metal Products in SalemMid-Valley
1/25/2019Jose works 20 to 30 hours per week in OntarioEastern Oregon
1/23/2019Ray succeeds at his first job in Baker CityEastern Oregon
1/15/2019Hallee loves her job at Fruitland Middle SchoolEastern Oregon
1/10/2019Eric finds success at Sunridge Middle School in PendletonEastern Oregon
12/20/2018Travis succeeds in first community job at Prepper Up in PrinevilleCentral Oregon
12/19/2018Lucas works 20 hours per week at Mackey’s in OntarioEastern Oregon
12/7/2018Ross Transitions from School to Job as a School Bus DriverEastern Oregon
11/13/2018Sara’s first paid job turns into perfect matchCentral Oregon
11/13/2018Lorenzo trains others for success at Regency Village in PrinevilleCentral Oregon
11/9/2018Sabra Supports People with Disabilities as a PSW Job CoachPortland Area
10/22/2018South Columbia Chamber of Commerce supports Employment First effortsPortland Area
9/12/2018DHS Launches State as Model Employer ProgramMid-Valley
8/27/2018MV Advancements Transforms its Business ModelMid-Valley
8/24/2018Kelsey finds job success in Klamath FallsRoseburg/Southern Oregon
8/15/2018City of Portland Commits to Hiring People with DisabilitiesPortland Area
5/10/2018Andie works at Target in Bend, continues to make her dreams come trueCentral Oregon
4/18/2018Linda works as research assistant in PortlandPortland Area
2/14/2018Bill works 20 hours per week at the Best Western Hood River InnEastern Oregon
11/9/2017Susan works 20 hours per week at downtown Portland law firmPortland Area
10/18/2017Emanuel finds career potential with a new program at OHSUPortland Area
9/27/2017DePaul Industries successfully transforms to community employment servicesPortland Area
8/28/2017Paul finds career potential with new program at OHSUPortland Area
8/4/2017Jason works more than 20 hours per week in RedmondCentral Oregon
6/14/2017Karisue transitions directly from school to paid employment in GreshamPortland Area
6/13/2017St. Anthony Hospital hires multiple employees with disabilitiesEastern Oregon
5/19/2017Tyler works at Harley Davidson store in Coos BayCoast
5/12/2017Daniel helps dogs at Wild Rivers Animal Rescue in Gold BeachCoast
4/14/2017Charles works while attending college classes in BrookingsCoast
4/12/2017Kirstin enjoys her first community job at Kyra’s Bakeshop in Lake OswegoPortland Area
3/24/2017John works full-time at the Comfort Suites in RedmondCentral Oregon
3/20/2017Pete finds community and keeps busy at Grumpy’s Repair in Baker CityEugene, OR
3/16/2017Cindy works at her dream job in BrookingsCoast
3/8/2017Ethan works 28 hours at community job after exiting sheltered workshopEastern Oregon
2/10/2017Matthew brings his art to life in his community jobRoseburg/Southern Oregon
1/16/2017Logan works 30 hours per week at Alsco in MedfordRoseburg/Southern Oregon
1/13/2017Mimi seamlessly transitions from school to workRoseburg/Southern Oregon
12/22/2016Jamal thrives working more than 27 hours per weekCoast
12/11/2016Melissa loves her jobCentral Oregon
10/21/2016Ax works 20 hours per week at Blackstone AudioRoseburg/Southern Oregon
9/30/2016Kevin works full-time at DHS’ Human Resources departmentMid-Valley
9/30/2016Kevin's Employment Success VideoMid-Valley
7/29/2016Jeremy's Employment Success VideoEugene, OR
7/29/2016Jeremy works more than 20 hoursEugene, OR
5/20/2016Austin lands dream job on the Intel campusPortland Area
2/5/2016How employment supports workEugene, OR
11/20/2015Jason works at Valley River CenterEugene, OR
8/21/2015Kendall's Success StoryEastern Oregon
7/29/2015Alonzo graduates with full-time employmentEastern Oregon
7/17/2015Selena’s Success StoryMid-Valley
6/3/2015Ian finds perfect job match at RuffwearCentral Oregon
5/4/2015Katie keeps her office organizedCentral Oregon
4/23/2015Tim and Taylor Find Jobs at Family BusinessPortland Area
4/6/2015Griffin gains independence, realizes dreamsPortland Area
3/20/2015Devon finds job success at St. Anthony’s HospitalEastern Oregon
3/12/2015Mandi finds job success at Mayfield SchoolEastern Oregon
1/30/2015Vivian's Job SuccessEastern Oregon
1/8/2015Jerry Hansen finds job successEastern Oregon
12/11/2014Natascha Carney Success StoryRoseburg/Southern Oregon
12/5/2014Miles Success StoryPortland Area
11/7/2014Donald's Success StoryPortland Area
10/17/2014Butler Automotive GroupRoseburg/Southern Oregon
10/10/2014Jeff KeelerRoseburg/Southern Oregon
9/25/2014Bonnie graduates with a jobPortland Area
7/25/2014Vickie Achieves Her DreamsEugene, OR
6/13/2014Sam's Employment SuccessEugene, OR
5/16/2014Darci Harris Finds Success in the OfficeEugene, OR
5/2/2014Alternative Work ConceptsEugene, OR
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