Benefits and Work Incentives

​Understanding SSA Benefits and Employment​

Understanding SSA Benefits and Employment is a free six-hour training conducted by the Work Incentives Network. Attendees are those interested in learning the basics about work incentives and the impact employment has on benefits. They will learn facts to combat the common myths, how to access available work incentives, and when to refer a participant to a certified benefits and work incentives coordinator.

For 2021, the Work Incentives Network has scheduled four trainings to be held virtually via Zoom.  The trainings are free and will be split into two half-day sessions from 9am-noon. Participation in both half-day sessions is required in order to successfully complete the training.

  • ​March 30th and 31st, 2021
  • May 25th and 26th, 2021
  • August 24th and 25th, 2021
  • October 26th and 27th, 202​1​​


Pre-registration is required and limited to 50 participants for each session. Please register through the Understanding SSA Benefits & Employment listing on Workday Learning. We will update this information when the state transitions from iLearn to Workday Learning in June. 

Please call or email WIN Central if your organization would like to schedule a training or a presentation.

WIN Central

  • 800-661-2571 - WIN Help Desk (
  • 971-701-5751 - Katie Thompson (
  • 503-871-2703 - Josh Goller (

WIN Benefits Counseling Training and Certification Program

The Work Incentives Network (WIN) offers a free training and certification program for those who wish to become certified benefits counselors in Oregon. One training cohoro was planned for 2021, with the classroom portion taking place in February.

The seven-week process to Provisional Certification begins with an initial two-week-long virtual classroom-style training through Zoom​. The next six weeks of training and testing will be done remotely with no travel required.

The final certification process requires the submission of three Benefits and Summary Analysis reports over the next nine to ten months. Once final certification is obtained a one-year certificate will be issued by WIN.

A commitment to the whole process is required and is done through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the trainee, their manager, and WIN. Here is a copy of the MOU.

Recertification is required each year and the recertification requirements will be posted on this website and sent with the final certificate.

Additional information is available by calling WIN Central. (They will be unable to provide training date information. It will be posted as soon as the venues are reserved.)

WIN Central

  • 800-661-2571
  • 971-701-5751 - Katie Thompson
  • 503-871-2703 - Josh Goller

Community Work Incentives Initial Training Program

This program is the certification training offered by Virginia Commonwealth University's (VCU) National Training Center, in contract with the Social Security Administration. The free five-day training is offered monthly, has it has moved to a virtual format during Covid-19. A six-week certification process follows the five-day training and a commitment to the whole process is required. Please note that registration is limited to WIPA project staff, VR staff, EN staff and affiliate agencies. ​

Find more information about the training and certification process as well as training dates and locations on the VCU National Training Center website.

Certification for Benefits Planners

Work Incentives Planning and Utilization for Benefits Practitioners Certificate Series

Cornell University’s Yang Tan Institute offers an online credentialing training program that is nationally recognized. There is a charge for this training and certification that is currently $1,525 (2021). The next scheduled certification training will take place June 2 - July 12, 2021 MWF 1-2:30 PM EST. See additional information about this training. ​​