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Resilience and Emergency Management

​​​​​​See below for information about how partners and businesses can be ready to respond in emergencies. For more ideas and resources: 

  • ODHS providers, please check with the ​program(s) you contract with.
  • If you get services from ODHS, please contact the employee you work with.

Resour​ces to set up and run shelters and centers

​We're pleased to provide a new resource to help your agency or organization successfully support people who need a safe place to be during disasters and emergencies. Our goal is to help create a safe and secure environment for everyone, including vulnerable populations and those with access and functional needs.

This tool can help local emergency managers and other organizations establish and operate shelters during disasters.

These resources can also assist organizations to establish centers intended to support people needing a place to go during emergency events like extreme weather or unhealthy air due to wildfire smoke.

How to use this resource

The Mass Care Job To​ol Templates provide​ guidance and may be downloaded and modified to develop your own policies for providing mass care services. You may scroll through the entire document or select a specific job tool which will open in a new PDF window. You may download or print the complete document, or an individual tool.

If you want to receive the documents in Word format for ease in customizing, please contact​

Emergency shelter grants and other supports are available 

Grants and other supports are now available to help local governments, public education providers and Tribal Nations provide:

  • cleaner air spaces for emergency purposes, such as when wildfire smoke makes breathing difficult
  • cooling and warming spaces for when extreme weather creates unhealthy conditions for people​

​To learn more​

 ​​Read the Shelter Grants flyer

 Visit the Shelter Grants web page

 ​​Complete the survey

Resources for people with ​disabilities

Learn ​how to help people with disabil​ities prepare an emergency plan to protect themselves, family, friends, personal care assistants and others in the support network.

Resource families​ (foster care)

In a major emergency or disaster, the lo​cal child welfare office needs to know where all children in care are located. ​​

Business preparedness​

​Responding well to any kind of emergency depends on advance planning. Plan now so you can respond later. ​Make sure you have the tools you need so you can continue to provide vital services to Oregonians. Involve your employees in business continuity planning. Take step​s to secure your physical assets, and protect your data and information technology systems.