Resilience and Emergency Management

​​​See below for information about how partners and businesses can be ready to respond in emergencies. For more ideas and resources: 

  • ODHS providers, please check with the ​program(s) you contract with.
  • If you get services from ODHS, please contact the employee you work with.

Planning for people with ​disabilities

Learn ​how to help people with disabil​ities prepare an emergency plan to protect themselves, family, friends, personal care assistants and others in the support network.

Resource families​ (foster care)

In a major emergency or disaster, the lo​cal child welfare office needs to know where all children in care are located. ​​

Business preparedness​

​Responding well to any kind of emergency depends on advance planning. Plan now so you can respond later. ​Make sure you have the tools you need so you can continue to provide vital services to Oregonians. Involve your employees in business continuity planning. Take step​s to secure your physical assets, and protect your data and information technology systems.