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Summer Weather Safety
Summer is in full swing and so expect heat waves, lightning storms and other crazy weather! The American Red Cross offers excessive heat safety tips as does Also, be aware that keeping cool often means dips in rivers, streams, pools and local swimming holes. Practice water safety: Swim with a buddy, wear a life vest or flotation device and consider learning CPR so that you can help in a water emergency. In the meantime, here’s some basic advice from NOAA: 

Hydrate – Whether you feel thirsty or not, drink plenty of water.

Educate yourself – Know the warning signs of heat illness and how to stay cool.

Act quickly when heat illness is suspected – Seek medical attention for warning signs such as cramping, rapid pulse, heavy sweating, dizziness, confusion, nausea.

Take it easy – Avoid overexertion, especially outdoors between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Wildfire Season in Oregon

We have already seen significant wildfire activity in Oregon. As of July 7, 367 fires have burned 4,500 acres in the state. Whether you are working or recreating in the forest, adhere to ODF restrictions and closures in your area. Practice fire prevention at home, work and play. Be familiar with Oregon evacuation levels

2 Weeks Ready
A large earthquake and tsunami will demolish parts of western Oregon and leave much of the area's transportation routes destroyed. Oregonians will need to count on each other in the community, in the workplace, and at home in order to be safe until help can arrive. This is just one reason why OEM encourages people to be prepared to be on their own for a minimum of two weeks following a disaster. We've created a wide variety of two weeks ready resources, and recently launched a series of fun and friendly animated videos.  



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