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​​​​​Impact Oregon website

Impact Oregon is a website where you'll find hundreds of careers to choose from in the developmental disabilities field that make a real difference. A toolkit ​with print-on-demand flyers, social media cards, and much more is available for you to share.

For individuals and families

​On our Individuals and Families page​​, job seekers and their families will find:

  • Information about the paths to individual integrated employment
  • Information about agencies that help with employment support
  • Supported Employment Services​​​

Chart your personal employment journey using the Employment First Road Map

Data on employment outcomes​​

For employers

On our Employers page​, employers and businesses can find information about:

  • Benefits of hiring people with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Links to resources​

Contac​t us

​Email ​the team at:​

Employment First Podcast
Employment First Podcast​Tips from the experts, news from the field. Success stories



I Work We Succeed is part of the outreach efforts by Oregon’s Employment First initiative to promote the benefits of paid, integrated work in community jobs for people with I/DD.​​​​​​​​​