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Become a Correctional Officer


Correctional Officer (CO) is the entry level for those seeking a career in correctional security. The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) offers an additional four security classifications requiring increased levels of leadership skills: Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.

For more information on applying for a correctional officer position, the training process, what it is like to work as a CO at Oregon DOC, and more, please visit the links in the Resources section below. 

How to Apply

Check out our current openings on Workday. You can use the filter options provided to see only DOC openings.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to apply, don't forget to read the Steps to Apply for a Correctional Officer (CO) Job Opening. The CO application process is different than other positions, and this page contains important information to make sure you have the best chances of being selected for a job interview.



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