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Assessments and Case Planning


Inmates participate in a physical health assessment, as well as several written and verbal tests designed to measure academic and cognitive skills, English comprehension skills for inmates with English as a second language, and mental health tests. The assessments are group-administered, and computer scored. Additional assessments evaluate levels of alcohol and drug use, existing work skills and certificates, family status, ethnicity, residency, native language, and religious background.

Physical Health

Health Services conducts a complete medical history and performs a thorough physical and dental examination on everyone at intake. Inmates receive an initial health screening and tuberculosis skin test and are given the opportunity to start the vaccination series against Hepatitis A and B. This process is used to identify any medical or dental issues and establish a complete medical and dental record.

Coffee Creek Intake Center (CCIC) also provides medical and emergency dental care, as well as any prescription medications. Inmates who require further medical, dental, or mental health services may be scheduled to visit an appropriate facility.

Mental Health

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) provides mental health screening and assessment to all inmates at intake. All individuals with a minimum fourth-grade reading level take the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), a broad-based assessment of mental disorders. If an individual does not have adequate reading skills, they will undergo further cognitive assessments and a clinical interview to identify or rule out developmental disabilities or other mental health issues.

Inmates receive additional evaluations if they have significantly elevated PAI scores, report a recent history of psychological problems, suicidal thoughts or behavior, or are taking medication for a mental disorder. Approximately 60 percent of all inmates receive an additional one-on-one clinical interview.

Case Planning

Level of Service and Case Management Inventory

The intake and assessment process is used to gauge the Level of Service and Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) for case plan development. These are used to identify appropriate programs for the inmate based on their risk factors, and an intake correctional counselor evaluates the information and uses it in the development of an individualized case plan for each inmate.