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Join arbitrator panel

The State Conciliation Service maintains a roster of Arbitrators and Factfinders for referral, upon request, to parties in labor disputes.  

Arbitrators apply and are selected to serve on one or both of the following primary panels: 

     Grievance Arbitration

In 2021, a state law was enacted that affects how arbitrators are selected for arbitration proceedings that concern alleged misconduct by a sworn officer of any law enforcement agency. Rather than providing the parties with a list of arbitrators from our panel for parties to select, ERB randomly appoints an arbitrator for the panel. See OAR 115-040-0034.

     Interest Arbitration/Voluntary Factfinding

ERB's Commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive Arbitrator Panel

ERB seeks to create and maintain a diverse panel of arbitrators so that it can meet the needs of labor organizations, public employers, and public employees who request arbitrator lists that include arbitrators who are members of groups traditionally underrepresented in the arbitration profession. Qualified individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

Qualifications and Application Process

Persons seeking to be listed on the panel must complete and submit an Arbitrator Application.

Upon receipt of a completed application and a $100 application fee, the State Conciliator and ERB Board Chair will review all application materials and make a determination regarding inclusion on the panel.  Each applicant will be notified in writing of the decision.

Qualifications include:

  • experience in decision-making roles in the resolution of collective bargaining or labor relations disputes; or
  • extensive experience in relevant positions in collective bargaining; or
  • relevant academic experience at the college or university level; and
  • ability to conduct an orderly hearing, analyze testimony and exhibits and prepare clear and concise findings and awards within reasonable time limits, and appear, based on references, to be acceptable to the parties.

Qualifications are preferably demonstrated by the submission of actual arbitration awards and/or factfinding reports prepared by the applicant while serving as an impartial arbitrator or factfinder chosen by the parties to disputes. 

Decisions rendered in the capacity of hearing officer or judge in labor relations controversies may also be considered, as well as equivalent experience acquired in training, internship or other development programs, such as:

If you have not served as an impartial arbitrator or factfinder chosen by parties to disputes, you are encouraged to contact the State Conciliator to discuss your experience and qualifications prior to submitting an application. 

Please contact Mediation Coordinator Sabrina Dunsworth with any questions about the application process.

Panel Requirements

No advocate is listed on the panel.  An advocate is a person or member of a firm/business that represents employers or labor organizations, as an employee, attorney or consultant, in matters related to collective bargaining.  A person who becomes an advocate while listed on the panel must notify State Conciliator Janet Gillman immediately.

To remain on the panel, a member must pay an annual fee of $150. 

In addition, panelists must

  • submit a current resume and fee schedule for posting on the ERB website
  • identify selector attributes that apply to their service (OAR 115-040-0032 allows parties to select specific criteria when requesting a list of randomly-selected arbitrators).  Criteria includes state residency, charges from the Oregon border, fair share allocation, AAA membership, and availability for interest arbitration. We also provide designations for arbitrators providing virtual services.
  • provide notice of selection and copies of awards

A member may be removed from the panel by the State Conciliator and ERB Board Chair per OAR 115-040-0030.