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ERB Forms & Instructions


Once you have chosen your form, please follow the filing instructions specific for that form. 

File your complaint (with any attachments) and pay the *$300 filing fee via our online ERB Case Management System (CMS). You may also file by email sent to Once filed, you should receive an auto-reply indicating that you have been assigned to the case or a confirmation that your email was received. If you do not receive an auto-reply shortly after the filing, please send an email to

*Please note that the filer is responsible for ensuring that the correct documents are properly filed. Any filing that requires a filing fee (such as an unfair labor practice complaint or answer) is not considered filed until payment is received. 

Use these forms to file...

For language to use for 'Authorization Cards' - please refer to ERB's model "Card Check" language​

Sample forms for use in SPRL cases...


The SPRL Guide provides answers to commonly asked questions intended to assist parties who wish to understand how appeals under SPRL are processed.




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