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​​​Subcommittees and Work Groups

In addition to full HECC meetings, the Commission holds public meetings of its subcommittees, advisory committees and work groups. All public meetings of the groups are included under the Current HECC Public Meetings portion of the HECC website, and tentative publi​c meeting dates are included under the Meeting and Event Calendar.

HECC Funding and Achievement (F&A) Subcommittee: 

The HECC has one active subcommittee that meets regularly. The HECC Funding and Achievement (F&A) Subcommittee reviews, advances, and/or approves work of the HECC related to funding and budget, the development of the agency budget request, state funding allocations to public institutions, capital funding, and other financial topics.​  ​The details on public meetings of this committee are included in public meeting materials here.​ The F&A subcommittee generally meeting on the day before the regular public meeting of the full Commission​. Current m​embership of the subcommittee is noted on the Commissioners page here. ​ ​

Other Work Groups and Advisory Committees to the HECC

The HECC agency also currently convenes or supports public meetings of the following advisory committees, councils, and work groups:

Transfer Council 

  • Established under Senate Bill 233 (2021), the Transfer Council​ is charged with developing recommendations on a common course numbering system and Major Transfer Maps, and to address other credit transfer-related concerns. Senate Bill 233 requires the HECC to establish, by rule, a common course numbering system and system of transfer and articulation, based on recommendations from the Transfer Council. ​ Upcoming public meeting materials for this Workgroup will be posted under Current HECC Public Meetings here. ​

HECC Credit for Prior Learning Advisory Committee: ​

  • ​HECC-appointed committee that reports to the Commission and Legislature annually on progress toward increasing the number of students who receive credit for prior learning and improving prior learning assessment practices.  

In addition to public committees and work groups, HECC agency staff are advised by numerous committees of internal and external stakeholders in order to work toward collective goals.​​

​​To engage with the Commission’s work:

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