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Community College and Workforce Development

​​​​​​​​Applied Baccalaureate Programs  ​

Oregon’s community colleges now have the choice to design and offer (after HECC approval), a new type of degree known as an ‘Applied Baccalaureate’ (AB). These are bachelor-level, workforce-oriented programs that prepare Oregonians for high-value career opportunities with Oregon’s most active employers and industries. 

The programs will be designed to develop advanced technical knowledge, strengthen analytical skills, enhance communication skills and broaden students’ awareness through interdisciplinary topics. Programs may differ slightly in design depending on the field of study, but all will contain a mix of technical or applied courses or program such as the Associate of Applied Science, and lower and upper division baccalaureate-level courses.   

Whether first-time students or returning learners, Oregon’s residents now have another way to move up in the workforce by earning a ‘Bachelor of Applied Science’ in an Applied Baccalaureate program at their local community college.  Prospective students interested in these programs should check their local community college’s website for updates on program start dates.

Program Approval Information for Community Colleges

Acting on 2019 Oregon legislation (Senate Bill 3), the HECC manages the process by which community colleges may pursue HECC‘s approval for applied baccalaureate programs. For reference, a document showing the status of these new program approvals will be available on this webpage.


View information on Operational Details, helpful resources for new program ​development, relevant Oregon statutes and administrat​ive rules in the Policy Guide: Proposals for New Applied Baccalaureate Programs. (Updates coming soon)


Refer to the above Policy Guide: Proposals for New Applied Baccalaureate Programs to learn more about the proposal process & deadlines and submission instructions and forms​.

View the Oregon Community College ​Policy and Process Book (coming soon) to learn more about the Applied Baccalaureate Policy and Process Flow.​

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If you have questions regarding the HECC Program Approval Process for Applied Baccalaureate, contact:

Kasena  HECC Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development