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​STEM Investment Council

Oregon’s STEM Investment Council has a legislative mandate to guide the Chief Education Officer in the development and implementation of a long-term strategy to advance the state’s STEM goals. Effective July 1, 2018, the support of the council transitioned from the Chief Education Office to the HECC Office of Workforce Investments.  ​

Oregon STEM Education Plan​​


The STEM Investment Council is established and authorized by House Bill 2636 (2012) established by section 1, chapter 519, Oregon Law 2011. The Council shall report to the Chief Education Officer. The Council is established for the purpose of assisting the Chief Education Officer in developing  and overseeing a long-term strategy to meet the following educational goals by 2025 related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics:
  1. ​Double the percentage of students in 4th and 8th grades who are proficient or advanced in mathematics and science, as determined using a nationally representative assessment of students’ knowledge in mathematics and science.
  2. Double the number of students who earn a post-secondary degree requiring proficiency in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.​