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Strategy & Collaboration

2018 Legislative Session Resources

During each legislative session, the HECC presents to legislative committees and advises the Oregon Legislature and the Governor on topics of critical concern to Oregon higher education, working in close collaboration with campus leaders and partners.

Session Summary​

This summary below provides an overview of a selection of key legislative investments and bills approved during Oregon’s 2018 Legislative Session.

Additional summaries of featured legislative work can be found in the HECC Collaborations e-newsletter.​

Updates and Testimony

In 2018, the HECC presented to legislative committees on topics related to private career school statutes and administrative rules, private for-profit institutions in Oregon, progress on House Bill 2998 to improve transfer pathways, state financial aid programs, and other topics. 

Staff Updates to the Commission

HECC staff regularly update the Commission on legislative activity at its public meetings.

A written Legislative Update is provided in the February issue of HECC Collaborations.​