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Strategy & Collaboration

2019 Legislative Session Resources

During each legislative session, the HECC presents to legislative committees and advises the Oregon Legislature and the Governor on topics of critical concern to Oregon postsecondary ed​ucation, working in close collaboration with campus leaders and partners.​

2019-21 Legislatively Adopted Budget and Legislative Outcomes

We are pleased to release summary documents to serve as resources to our state and institutional partners on the results of the Legislative Session. The consolidated postsecondary education budget for Oregon includes investments in state funding for state financial aid programs, Oregon’s 17 community colleges and nine Local Workforce Investment Boards, Oregon’s seven public universities and  Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), and the HECC agency operations. For a high-level overview of the postsecondary education budget, see the Fact Sheet below. 

For a longer comprehensive overview of key legislative investments and bills approved during Oregon’s 2019 Legislative Session, including bill descriptions, details on the biennial budget, capital investment information, and historical investment data, see the Legislative Summary. 

Biennial Budget Process  

Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs

Updates and Testimony

May, 2019
April, 2019
Joint Ways and Means Committee, Subcommittee on Education, March-April, 2019
​March, 2019

February, 2019
​January, 2019

Staff Updates to the Commission

HECC staff regularly update the Commission on legislative activity at its public meetings.