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Strategy & Collaboration

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2021 Legislative Session Resources

During each legislative session, the HECC presents to legislative committees and advises the Oregon Legislature and the Governor​ on topics of critical concern to Oregon postsec​ondary education, working in close collaboration with campus leaders and partners.​​

Explore recent HECC Work Group and formal Reports submitted to the Oregon Legislature here.​​​​

Biennial Budget Process  

​Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs

    HECC Presentations and Testimony

    April 7-May 12​, 2021, Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Education Subcommittee

    HB 2378 is house education

    March 25, 2021, House Education Committee

    March 18, 2021, House Education Committee

    • HECC testimony related to HB 2378​ (related to competency based education), Kyle Thomas
    • HECC testimony on HB 2412 (related to college access organizations), Kyle Thomas 

    March 4, 2021, House Education Committee

    • HECC verbal testimony related to HB 2590 (related to the Task Force on Underrepresented Student Success), Ben Cannon

    March 1, 2021, Senate Education Committee

    February 25, 2021, House Education Committee​

    February 18, 2021,House Veterans and Emergency Management Committee  

    February 8, 2020, Senate Education Committee​​

    February 4, 2021, House Committee on Education:

    January 28, 2021, House Committee on Education, Testimony on House Bill 2090 (LCC boundary change), Kyle Thomas

    February 4, 2021, House Committee on Education, Testimony on House Bill 2089 (KCC boundary change), Kyle Thomas

    January 21, 2021, House Committee on Education, Introduction to Higher Education, Ben Cannon​​​

    December 17, 2020, House Interim Committee on Education, Overview of the GED® Program, Adrienne Ochs and Scott Salesses.

    December 15, 2020, House Interim Committee on Education. Responses to pandemic and wildfire crises, HECC presentation materials, Ben Cannon 

    December 7, 2020, Senate Interim Committee on Education

    2021 Legislative Concept Proposals

    Staff Updates to the Commission

    HECC staff regularly update the Commission on legislative activity at its public meetings.