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Continuing Education

Reporting Requirements

Licensees are required to report continuing education hours (CEH) every two years to remain in active status.  If you have had a landscape construction professional license for 6 years or more, you only need to report 8 hours every two years.  If you have had a landscape construction professional license for less than 6 years, you need to report 16 hours every two years.  If you are unsure how long you have been licensed, please call the LCB office.

If your LCP license numbers ends in an odd number, you are required to submit CEH at your renewal time in odd numbered years (2023, 2025, etc).
If your LCP license number ends in an even number, you are required to submit CEH at your renewal time in even number years (2022, 2024, etc).

Approved Course Listing

Here is a listing of approved courses.
Some are one-time offerings, but many are offered ongoing.  Pre-approved course providers will issue a certificate of completion which shows you attended the course and are granted the approved number of CEH.  You do NOT need to send the certificate into the Board office unless you are selected for the CEH audit.  Questions about dates and fees associated to courses should be directed to the course provider listed.

To request CEH for course that was not pre-approved fill out the individual class approval form.  
If you attend a class or course that is not on the approved course list, you may still request CEH for post-approval.
All post-approval requests must include a course/class outline or agenda and evidence of course/class completion

Volunteer Work

To request  CEH for volunteer work or teaching fill out the volunteer/teaching approval request form.

Volunteer work may qualify for CEH credit.  Volunteer work is awarded on a three to one ratio.  That means that for every three hours of qualifying volunteer work, one hour of credit will be awarded.  The maximum CEH credit allowed for volunteering cannot exceed 4 hours in a two-year reporting period.
The volunteer activity must be directly related to the landscape construction industry, such as, but not limited to:

  • serving on industry related boards, commissions or committees; or.
  • providing a not-for-profit service to local or state entities for the enhancement and preservation of the environment and to natural resources through landscape planning, installation and maintenance.
Volunteer work means you did not receive compensation of any kind for this work.  Compensation means payment made in the form of money, goods or services (this included bartering).

Reporting at Renewal

If this is the year you are required to submit your CEH, you will be able to do so in the individual license portal. Please add the courses you have attended within the two-year reporting period prior to the expiration date of your license.  

If you have not completed the required hours then you may consider the following options:
  • Complete the CEH requirement before the expiration date of your license.  Once you have met the CEH requirement, complete your renewal.

  • Request to change the status of the license to "inactive".  You still pay the license fee but do not have to meet the CEH requirement until you request to change back to "active".  If a business depends upon your license to operate, this will automatically suspend the business license unless you also change the business license to "inactive" status at the same time. You will need to complete the inactive request form for the business and pay the $75 fee.  When you want to reinstate your individual license or business license to "active" status, you will need to submit a change of status form and pay the $75 fee. 

  • Allow the license to expire. If a business depends upon your license to operate, this will automatically suspend the business license.  In order to renew the license you will need to meet the CEH requirement, and pay the late fee and renewal fee.  The associated business will need to pay a reinstatement fee to go from suspended to active.

Failure to comply with CEH reporting requirement could result in a Notice of Civil Penalty being issued and your license may not be renewed until you are in compliance.

Audit Process

If you are selected for the monthly audit, you will receive written notification with a request to submit documentation verifying you have met the CEH requirement.  At that time please submit evidence of course completion or other documentation.  Please do not send in any documentation until you are asked to do so.  Licensees are required to maintain records of CEH completion and can add CEH information and certificates at anytime through their individual license portal.

If you do not meet the CEH requirement during the audit process, you may be assessed a civil penalty and your license will be suspended until you are in compliance.

Information for CEH Providers

To request pre-approval for your courses/class, please use the program approval request form.
Submit your courses/classes for pre-approval to the LCB at least 30 days before the course/class is to be held.  All requests for course/class approval should follow the guidelines and will need to include a course/class outline and sample completion certificate.