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Tree Work - FAQ

All tree work may be performed with an LCB license.  This includes planting, trimming, removal, guying of limbs and stump grinding. See exemptions listed below for CCB licensees for planting trees.  

New Arborist phase of license is available!

​No.  You must have an LCB license to plant trees.

No. You only need an LCB license to perform all tree work.

​Yes. Either an LCB or a CCB license will allow you to perform this work.  However, if you also want to plant trees, you must have an LCB license.  A CCB license does NOT allow you to plant trees.

No. A landscape maintenance business may replace trees if the maintenance business primarily performs maintenance work on the property and the replacement value of all labor, materials or other items supplied for the work does not exceed $500.

Yes. There are two (2) exemptions if you are a residential general contractor and are:

  • ​under contract for the construction of a new residential dwelling, you may perform up to $3,850 of landscaping work (planting only; no irrigaitn work).
  • planting street trees on residential property that are directly related to local building code requirements or occupancy ordinances (planting only; no irrigation work).​