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File a Complaint

Types of Complaints

  • A claim is a complaint about a licensed landscape contracting business.
  • An enforcement is about illegal activity - a business performing landscaping work without a license or a licensed business operating illegally.

Claims (Dispute Resolution)

If you have a dispute with a licensed landscape contracting business, the LCB offers dispute resolution assistance. You have one year from the date the work was substantially completed to file a claim. 

  • Pre-Complaint Letter

Before you file a claim, you have the option to send a pre-complaint letter to the landscape contracting business, which notifies the business that you have a complaint which you intend to file with the LCB within 30-days of the letter date.  This letter is not required, but may help facilitate resolution. However, if you choose to send the pre-complaint letter, please note this does not change the one-year deadline to file a claim. If the one-year deadline is less than 30 days away, we recommend you file the claim instead of sending this 30-day notice of intent.  

  • Claim Forms

If you are a homeowner, please review this explanation before completing your complaint form.:

If you are ready to file a claim, download the appropriate form:
A copy of your claim and all documents submitted during the process will be sent to the landscape contracting business so that his or her side of the story may be presented.  You should receive acknowledgment of your claim within one week after it is received.  The length of time required to complete the claim varies depending on the nature of the complaint, whether or not the facts of the case are in dispute, and the cooperativeness of the individuals involved in the claim. You should not expect that your claim will be decided solely on the basis of your statements.  The landscape contracting business cannot expect that the matter will be decided solely on the basis of his or her statement as well.  You can expect that your claim will receive serious consideration and that every attempt will be made to deal with your claim in a manner which is fair to you and to the business about whom you complained.

Enforcement (Disciplinary)
Reports of potential unlicensed landscape construction work can be reported to the office by phone, text message, fax, or email.

Listing of all recent Disciplinary Actions taken by the Landscape Contractors Board.  This listing is updated quarterly.

When a report of illegal landscape activity is reported to the LCB, the information is verified and if warranted, an investigator is dispatched to the job site to investigate. The LCB currently employees ones full-time staff investigator and works with several contract investigators in various areas of the state.  The Board can only discipline those who violate the rules and laws of the Board.  The Board has no authority to award damages to any individual when the business is not licensed.

If you file a report of alleged illegal activities to the LCB and would like to know the outcome, please make sure to let us know and provide contact information so that we may follow up with you. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make your report by phone.

  • Information needed to report illegal activity:

When reporting illegal landscape work, the more information you can give the better. Please try to provide the following information:
  • Job site location, including address or cross streets.
  • Description of the landscaping work that is happening.
  • Vehicle license plate numbers, if available.
  • Name of the person or business performing the work, if known.

  • How to report:

Call LCB Investigator, Michael Hintz
Cell:  541-508-9563
Office: 503-967-6291 X222
If Michael is not in the office, you may leave him a voicemail.  Voice mails on the cell phone are checked periodically on the weekends.

Complete the complaint form:
Enforcement Referral Form (paper version)      (online version)
You can mail, fax or email the paper version to the LCB office.

Email the information

  • Do you wish to remain anonymous?

Please be aware that all written documentation received is public information.  Your email, return envelope address, and/or fax header will become part of the enforcement file. You can report possible enforcement activity anonymously by calling.  Voice mail is checked at least 6 days a week.