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These lists are updated regularly.  Please check back periodically for additional approved classes. 
Approved Courses Face to Face 
Approved Courses Online
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Please use this form to submit your courses/classes for pre-approval to the LCB at least 30 days before the course/class is to be held. 

Program Approval Form

Guidelines for Course Providers

If you attend a class or course that is not listed in the approved courses above, you may still obtain CEH by filling out and submitting the following form and required documentation. 
Individual Class Approval Form 


If you wish to receive continuing education credit for volunteer work or teaching fill out and submit the following form.
Volunteer/Teaching Approval Form 

Licensees can earn CEH credit for college courses or educational programs from recognized colleges or universities. CEH is granted based on 10 CEH for every quarter course credit or 15 CEH for every semester course credit. For example, a three hour course from a community college on a term system would earn 30 hours of CEH. Licensees audited would need to supply an official transcript to verify course completion as acceptable documentation.​

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This is what you need to know when you renew your individual license: 

You are required to report continuing education hours (CEH) every two years to remian on active status.  If you have had a landscape construction professional license for six (6) years or more, you only need to report eight (8) hours every two years.  If you have had a landscape construction professional license for less than six (6) years, you need to report 16 hours every two years.  Your renewal form will show your initial date of license.  If you need to know this information before you receive your renewal form, please call the LCB office.

If your LCP license number ends in an odd number, your are subject to audit at your renewal time in odd numbered years (2017, 2019, etc).  

If your LCP license number ends in an even number, you are subject to audit at your renewal time in even numbered years (2016, 2018, etc). 


Check the LCB website and see what courses have been approved for CEH.  Many of the approved courses are ongoing, so contact the provider to see when the next scheduled course will be held.  Note:  all courses at accredited colleges are automatically preapproved though not listed.  
If the course is approved, then the course provider will issue you a certificate that states you attended and are granted a certain number of CEH.  Do NOT send the certificate into the Board office unless you are audited (see below).  
If you decide to attend a course that is NOT preapproved then you need to submit the course approval form and the course outline or documentation that verifies you attended the course.  You will be notified whether or not it is approved.  

Remember that volunteering on boards and commissions related to the landscape industry, volunteering for landscape related community projects and presenting courses may also qualify for CEH.​


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Volunteer work may qualify for CEH credit.  Volunteer work is awarded on a three to one ratio. That means that for every three hours of qualifying volunteer work, one hour of credit will be awarded.  There is a maximum CEH credit allowed for volunteering that cannot exceed 4 hours in a two year period.  This means in your two-year renewal cycle, you may only receive 4 continuing education hours (this is 12 hours of volunteer work) from approved volunteer work. 
The volunteer activity must be directly related to the landscape construction industry, such as, but not limited to:

  • serving on industry related boards, commissions or committees; or
  • providing a not-for-profit service to local or state entities for the enhancement and preservation of the environment to natural resources through landscape planning, installation and maintenance.

Volunteer work means you did not receive compensation of any kind for this work.  Compensation means payment made in the form of money, goods or services (this includes bartering). 
To receive CEH approval, please complete the Volunteer/Teaching  Approval Form. 



Up to one half of the biennial CEH requirement can be earned by teaching landscape or business related subjects.

To earn CEH credit for teaching, complete the Volunteer/Teaching Approval Form and submit to the agency for approval within 180 days of the last class period. The form needs to be signed by a supervisor or official of the agency, college or university to qualify for credit. Credit can be earned for the presentation time (1 hour of CEH for 50 minutes of instruction) and 2 hours of preparation and research time for every hour of presentation time if the licensee hasn’t requested preparation time for the course in the past or has made substantial changes to the course.

Licensees must be actively licensed landscape construction professional and have at least five (5) years landscape related ​experience to qualify for teaching/presenting credit.  Licensees must also prepare an outline of the course and preserve the outline, present for a least 50 minutes and keep a record of attendance.


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Approximately 60 days before your renewal date the board will send out your renewal form.  If this is the year you are required to submit your CEH, you will find a chart on the back of your renewal form.  Please list the courses you have attended within the two year period prior to the expiration date of your license.  You do NOT submit any of your certificates with your renewal form.  The board does not hold or save any documentation on your behalf.  You will only be required to submit your certificates if you are selected for the monthly CEH audit. 


When you complete the CEH chart and it shows you have met the requirement, your license will be renewed.  If this section shows you have not met the hourly requirements, you will be assessed a $200 civil penalty and your license will not be renewed until you are in compliance. 
If you are selected for the monthly audit, you will receive written notification that you will need to submit documentation to verify you have met the CEH requirement.  AT THAT TIME please submit certificates and other documentation.  Please do NOT send in any documentation until you are asked to do so.  The board does not hold or save any documentation on your behalf. 
If you do not meet the CEH requirement during the audit process, you will be assessed a $200 civil penalty and your license will be suspended until you are in compliance. ​



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This is a new effort to allow LCB individual licensees to earn CEH credit for providing presentations to community groups, classes, churches, neighborhood associations, fraternal organizations, garden centers, home shows, senior centers and other groups in your local area.  Licensees who follow the process will have the chance to earn 1 hour of CEH for every hour (or 50 minutes) of presentation time as well as 2 hours of preparation time for the first presentation given.
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