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Rules and Statutes

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

LUBA is proposing to amend some of its administrative rules. The proposed amendments are necessary to conform LUBA’s rules to House Bill (HB) 2110 (2021), which generally increases the appeal filing fee and eliminates the requirement that appealing parties pay a deposit for costs and which LUBA anticipates will be passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor this session. Below is a link to our website, which contains the notice of proposed rulemaking and a statement of need and fiscal impact, as required by ORS 183.335(1) and (2), as well as the text of the proposed rule amendments:

Comments may be submitted via email at Please include “Comments on Proposed Rule Amendments” in the subject line. Comments may also be submitted via U.S. mail at Land Use Board of Appeals, 775 Summer Street NE, Suite 330, Salem, Oregon 97301-1283. Comments will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on June 11, 2021.


Administrative Rules

The Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are maintained by the Oregon Secretary of State.

OAR 661 (2020). These rules govern appeals filed after January 1, 2020.

OAR 661 (2019). These rules govern appeals filed after January 1, 2019.

Forms and Rule Exhibits

Prior Administrative Rules


State Statutes

The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are maintained by the Oregon State Legislature.

ORS 92 Subdivisions and Partitions

ORS 195 Local Government Planning Coordination

ORS 197 Comprehensive Land Use Planning

ORS 215 County Planning; Zoning; Housing Codes

ORS 227 City Planning and Zoning

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