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Mission Statement

“The mission of the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging is to promote, preserve and protect the public health, safety and welfare of Oregonians who are undergoing medical imaging studies performed by agency license and permit holders for the purpose of medical diagnosis and therapy."

Affirmative Action Plan

Annual Performance Measures

OBMI Legislatively - Adopted Budget 2021-2023

Public Records Management Policy​

Disclaimer - Site Liability Statement


Consumer Complaint

Consumer Concerns

The BEST way to submit a complaint is through our PORTAL.


If you would prefer to fill in our form, follow the instructions below.

Our Consumer Complaint Form is made so you can type into it.
Type in your information and then press the "TAB" key to go to the next data input field on the form.  We would like to encourage you to use your key pad to input your information into this form to make it clear and concise.


Complaint Process - Instructions  
Consumer Complaint Form - (Fill This Out - Then Email or Mail it into our office.)  
The Board investigates all complaints filed to the Board.  These complaints may come from various sources including patients/clients, family members, other health professionals, hospitals and employers. 

The Board strongly encourages complaints to be submitted in writing, preferably using the Board's complaint form listed above.  However, the Board will accept complaints verbally, if filing a written complaint is impractical or would create undue delay.  When submitting a complaint to the Board, please be as specific as possible.

Complaint files are confidential.  The name of the person filing the complaint is NOT publicly disclosed.

The Board will review the complaint to determine whether the complaint falls within the Board's area of jurisdiction.

If the Board finds the complaint does not fall within the Board’s jurisdiction, the Board will advise the complainant and may refer the complaint to other appropriate state or professional organizations for review.

If the complaint falls within the Board’s authority, the Board will investigate to determine whether there has been a violation of statutes/rules.

The Following Questions Are Only Meant to Be Guidelines When Submitting Information Out Your Consumer Complaint.  It is "NOT" Necessary to have an answer to every question. 

  • Who:
    • Who committed the actions you are reporting?
    • Who was the victim(s)?
    • Who discovered the incident/behavior?
    • Who else was involved?
    • Who else was in the vicinity?
  • What:
    • What happened?
    • What actions were performed by the Medical Imaging Licensee / Permittee?
    • What equipment was involved?
  • Where:
    • Where did the incident/behavior occur?
    • Where was the incident discovered?
    • Where were the witnesses (if any) during the incident?
  • When:
    • When did the incident/behavior occur?
    • When were supervisors/authorities notified?
  • How:
    • How was the incident committed?
    • How was the incident/behavior discovered?
    • How much damage was done?​

Attention: All CE Sponsor's

Our CE Committee requires all of the following documents when you ask for CE approval:
1.) Submit One (1) "Continuing Education Approval Form" for "Each" separate C.E. Request you are offering.  Only Electronic Files will be accepted.
2.) Submit a "Curriculum Vitae" For "Each" speaker.
3.) Submit a Copy of the "Printed CE Program" being offer.
4.) Submit a Sample Copy of the "Certificate of Attendance" that you will be issuing.
Within 30-days
 after a CE Offering is given you "must" submit a copy of your "Course Attendance" along with a "Course Evaluation Summary".  *Failure to submit these documents could be reason for the C.E. Committee to not approval future C.E. Offerings for your business or facility.
Sponsor - Forms 

Continuing Education Approval Request Form
Sponsors please take note....
The C.E. Request Form was revised on June 17th, 2015.
Previous versions of this form are obsolete and will no longer be accepted.
CE Sponsor Approval Form Instructions​

If you need assistance creating a "Certificate of Attendance" please refer to the ASRT website links listed below for sample templates.   (ASRT also offers instructions on how they want CE submitted to them.) 
ASRT - Sample Certificate For Attendance to a Conference

ASRT - Sample Certificate For Attendance to a Single Activity 
ASRT - Sample Attendance Roster     ​

If you are not sure about criminal history in your past, you can contact the FBI if you wish at the link below and obtain a copy of their report.

Take Me To The FBI Website - I Want To Obtain My Report.​


Oregon Requirements for Persons Taking Diagnostic Medical Images of Humans

You must have a separate OBMI license to practice…

To qualify for a license, must have a credential in the appropriate modality from:

Under your state license, you can perform…

Special requirements

Oregon Statute:  688.415; 688.455


Admin. Rules: 




Radiography, including fluoroscopy


337-010-0010;       333-106-0205(3)

Computed tomography  (diagnostic)

To perform computed tomo-graphy, must have (CT) cre-dential from ARRT or NMTCB.  

337-010-0011(1); 333-106-0370

PET/CT or SPECT/CT  (non-diagnostic)

RT must either have an (N) or have appropriate training



ARRT (M) certification





General Sonography





Vascular Ultrasound




Magnetic Resonance Imaging



Radiation Therapy


Radiation Therapy

ARRT (T) certification


Treatment planning CT

12 hours of CT training from OBMI-approved source


Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear medicine



Diagnostic CT

Must have CT credential from ARRT or NMTCB

337-010-0011 (5) 


Hybrid scanners

Must have CT credential or be trained in CT

337-010-0011(3); 333-116-0880






State Limited X-Ray Permit

Graduate from approved school and pass ARRT exam

Limited x-ray on specified anatomical areas

Must be supervised by physician, PA or NP 

ORS 688.515;     ORS 688.520;

OAR 337-010-0030

State permit in fluoroscopy

For physician assistants who complete 80-hour curriculum and pass ARRT exam


Must be personally (in the room) supervised by physician or radiographer

ORS 688.510

OAR 337-010-0033

DEXA Permit

Complete approved course and pass ARRT exam

Bone densitometry

Must be supervised by physician, PA or NP 

OAR 337-010-0030(2)


National credential required for licensure:  Virtually all applicants for an initial or renewal imaging technologist license from OBMI will need to have a credential from a recognized national credentialing organization.*  This will apply to the practice of radiography, sonography, radiation therapy, MRI, and nuclear medicine.  Some limited waivers may be available for rural hospitals.  This credentialing requirement does NOT apply to limited x-ray permit holders. 


Temporary Licensure for recent graduates and post-primary:  Students and recent graduates may apply for six-month temporary license to enable them to work while waiting to take the credentialing examination.  A temporary licensee must be supervised by a physician or else by a technologist licensed in the same modality as the student or graduate.  One six-month renewal of a temporary license may be granted.   Also, temporary post-primary licenses are available to current permanent licensees who wish to complete clinical requirements to add an additional (post-primary) modality to their existing license; contact OBMI for details.  (OAR 337-010-0045)


License and permit renewal and fees:  OMBI licenses and permits are typically good for two years -- five dollars per month or $196 for two years.  Temporary 6 month license and permit fee is $54. 


Exempt from regulation by the OBMI:  All licensed physicians; all X-ray in dental offices; students in approved schools operating under supervision of the school’s clinical director; licensed health care providers utilizing sonography within their scope of practice; and imaging done for education and research.   (ORS 688.435)


*Recognized national credentialing organizations:  ARRT=American Registry of Radiologic Technologists; ARDMS=American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers; ARMRIT=American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists; CCI=Cardiac Credentialing International; NMTCB=Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board; CBRPA=Certification Board of Radiology Practitioner Assistants.                                                                                                                                   Updated April 2018​

Board Recognized Medical Imaging Registries

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Registries

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Registries
Radiation Therapist Registry
Radiographer Technologist (and Assistants) Registries
Sonography Registries

State Agencies That Regulate Radiation Exposure & Use Of Lasers

Oregon Health Facility Regulation

Organizations That Publish Medical Imaging Practice Standards

Additional State of Oregon Health Related Websites

Other Professional Medical Imaging Societies

NOTICE:  New Number to Report Radiation Incident or Medical Event...
Effective May 1st, 2019.​


Radiation Emergency Response Notice

STARTING MAY 1, 2019 ​at 8:00 AM

To report a radiation incident or medical event, call the OREGON EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM at:

  • 800-452-0311
  • 503-378-6377 (in Salem)​


For General Medical Imaging Equipment Questions Please Call:  971-673-0490.

Schools In Oregon


Limited Permit Schools – Oregon Only
Private Career Schools – Oregon Only
Fluoroscopy Test Preparatory Course

Limited Permit Schools 
– Oregon

Pacific Healthcare Training

512 Manzanita Street
Central Point, OR 97502
Program Representative:  Brent Kell

Portland School of Radiography
Program Representative:  Edith Del Mas, DC, DACBR
Phone:  503-635-0105

Bone Density
 –  Oregon

Pacific Healthcare Training

512 Manzanita Street
Central Point, OR 97502
Program Representative:  Brent Kell ( R )(ARRT)

Oregon Health Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97230
Program Representative:  Kerri Winters-Stone PhD, FACSM
Phone:  503-494-0813

​Two (2) to Four (4) Year School(s)
 – Oregon

Oregon Health Sciences University
Program Representative:  Kristi Tonning
Phone: 503-494-6708

​Oregon Institute of Technology
Program Representative:  LeAnn Maupin
Phone:  541-885-1913

Pioneer Pacific College
Springfield & Eugene Campus
Program Representative:  Leah. L. Hyman
Phone: 541-684-4644

Portland Community College
Program Representative:  Patricia Winters
Phone: 971-722-4907

Linn-Benton Community College
Program Representative:  Jennifer Clayton
Phone: 541-917-4402

Fluoroscopy Test Preparatory Course

American Academy of Physician's Assistants

Click Here For A PDF Copy Of Schools In Oregon.​​​