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The next Oregon Jurisprudence examination for licensure will be Monday, April 11, 2022 for those who are taking the NPLEX exams in February 2022 or anyone who has already taken and passed NPLEX Part I, NPLEX Part II, NPLEX Minor Surgery elective and the NPLEX Pharmacology examinations.  The exam registration deadline is Monday, April 4, 2022. The exam is open book. Each registered applicant will receive the exam via email the morning of the exam, April 11 around 9:55 am.  Each applicant will email their completed exam back to the Board by 11:35 am.

Application / Background Fees:  EXAMINATION ApplicationExam Blueprint

$150 Exam fee must accompany the completed application by credit /debit card online.

$50 Background / Live scan fee submitted directly to OBNM when you have the live scan sent to the Oregon State Police (OSP). DO NOT have your fingerprints taken until you are ready to apply for licensure/after the jurisprudence exam.  Here is the fingerprint code for Fieldprint Live Scan: FPORBdNaturopathicMedDAS

The Board must have these items before you can sit for the exam:

1. Official Naturopathic School Transcripts - sent electronically to 

Additionally the following are required for licensure:

2. NPLEX transcripts showing passage of NPLEX Part I- Basic Sciences, NPLEX Part II-Clinical, NPLEX Minor Surgery and NPLEX Pharmacology examinations. (for those taking the NPLEX exam or already taken the NPLEX exam)

3. If applicable: License verification from any state you are licensed or previously licensed.

4. Live scan to OSP, passed and $50 fee to Naturopathic Board.

Exam Study Materials:

ORS Chapter 685 Updated 4/14/2020

OAR Chapter 850 Updated 4/14/2020

Child Abuse

Communicable Diseases

Elder Abuse

Licensure fees:  Initial License Application

After passing all required exams / documents, you may be eligible to apply for a license to practice.
January 1-March 31, must pay $350 for initial license
April 1-June 30, must pay $275 for initial license
July 1-September 30, must pay $200 for initial license
October 1-December 31, must pay $125 for initial license
Initial license expires December 31, in the year issued.