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Discipline as of May 1, 2021
Updates posted the first of each month.  Discipline records prior to February 1, 2017 go to online license search.

2017 Discipline

Arcoma Gonzalez-Lambert, ND Case N16-02-04

Letter of Reprimand

Stefani K. Hayes, ND Cases N15-09-216 & N16-03-06

Consent Order

Nathan Daniel McVeigh, ND Cases N16-01-01 & N16-05-05

Consent Order


2018 Discipline

Stephen Albin, ND Case N17-03-11

Notice of Proposed Discipline

Consent Order

Susan Allen, ND Case N16-10-32

Settlement Agreement & Consent Order

Ann Arouh, ND Case N15-09-22

Consent Order

Vanessa Esteves, ND Cases N15-03-06 & N17-07-49

Settlement Agreement N15-03-06

Consent Order N17-07-49

Oct 2020 Amended Consent Order N15-03-06

Phillip Grasso, ND Case N14-08-29

Consent Order

Aaron Hubbs, ND Cases N16-03-11 & N16-10-31

Notice of Proposed Discipline N16-10-31

Settlement Agreement & Consent Order N16-10-31

Amended Settlement Agreement N16-10-31

Tyler Keliiheleau, ND Case N16-12-35

Notice of Proposed Discipline

Consent Order

Janna Redding, ND Case N17-03-12

Consent Order

Robert Schwartz, ND Case N12-08-23

Amended Settlement Agreement & Consent Order

2019 Discipline

Debroah Rice, ND Case N17-08-145

Consent Order

2020 Discipline

Jason Black, ND

Consent Order

Ryan Sweeney, ND Case 17-12-164

Settlement Agreement

Consent Order

Joel Wallach, ND Case 17-07-34

Consent Order, Letter of Reprimand

Juniper Martin, ND Case 18-10-42

Final Order by Default Reprimand

Kevin Wilson, ND Case 18-10-41

Settlement Agreement and Consent Order

Thomas Abshier, ND Case 19-07-09

Settlement Agreement and Consent Order

Anthony Murczek, ND Cases 18-08-32 & 19-08-11

Settlement Agreement and Consent Order

2021 Discipline

James Said, ND Case 19-12-17
Final Order by Default
Notice of Proposed Disciplinary Action

Matthew Zorn, ND Case 20-10-15
Final Order by Default

Richard Krebs, ND Case 20-11-27
Final Order by Default

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