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About Us

Board Mission, Members and Responsibilities


The mission of the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine is to protect the public by licensing and regulating naturopathic physicians. The board will promote physician excellence and will foster communication within the profession and with the public.


Affirmative Action

Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) are primary care practitioners educated in conventional medical sciences and trained as specialist in natural medicine. A ND has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical college. In addition to the standard medical curriculum, naturopathic students must do extensive coursework and clinical study in natural therapeutics.


Scope of Practice of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a unique and distinct system of health care that emphasizes the use of prevention and natural therapeutics. The doctors who practice naturopathic medicine, called naturopathic physicians or naturopathic doctors, are trained to serve as primary care general practitioners who engage in the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions. Oregon naturopathic physicians may prescribe medication from one of the most comprehensive formularies in the nation. Naturopathic physicians may perform minor surgery, practice natural childbirth, and administer injection therapies, giving Oregon N.D.’s an expansive scope of practice.


Licensure by Board of Naturopathic Medicine

Oregon was the first state in the nation to establish a “Board of Naturopathic Examiners,” granting it the power to license and regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine. Licensure is required to practice naturopathic medicine in the State of Oregon. Currently, There are 1200 active licensees in the state.


Board Composition

The Board of Naturopathic Medicine consists of seven members; five licensed Naturopathic Doctors and two public members, appointed by the governor for three-year terms. Each member serves a three year term and is eligible for reappointment. The Executive Director of the Board carries out the professional duties of the Board and serves at the pleasure of the Governor. Board staff includes an administrative specialist and an investigator.

Board Responsibilities

  • Develops policy and sets standards of practice
  • Reviews applications and issues licenses to qualified applicants
  • Investigates complaints and takes appropriate disciplinary action when violations are found to have occurred
  • Monitors and enforces Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules pertaining to the practice of naturopathic medicine in the State of Oregon

Naturopathic Formulary Council
The Naturopathic Formulary Council consists of seven members; including a represenatitve from the Board of Naturopathic Medicine, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, two licensed pharmacists,qE a physician licensed by the Oregon Medicial Board and two additional members are appointed by the council who hold an advanced degree. Each member serves a two year term and is eligible for reappointment.
How to get involved
There are several ways to get involved with the Board.

Board Membership
The Governor appoints members to the Board and the legislature confirms the appointments. The Governor requires that applicants complete the interest form that tells the Governor about you, your background and why you want to be on the Board of Naturopathic Medicine. You may apply at any time.
Board members meet bi-monthly, customarily on the second Monday of even months. Board members must prepare in advance for meetings, and are expected to attend all meetings. Board members are compensated for attending bi-monthly meetings. The approximate volunteer time commitment is approximately 10 hours each even month. 

Formulary Council
Formulary Council Members are appointed either by their respective Boards, or appointed by the Board or Council for two year terms. The Council meets bi-annually, customarily in March and September. The Council members are compensated for attending bi-annual meetings. The approximate volunteer time is 8 hours a year.

Chart Reviews
As part of the discipline process, a Licensee may be placed on probation with certain conditions. In keeping with the Board's emphasis on education, a common condition of probation is asking Naturopathic Doctors (ND) to review Licensee's patient chart notes to determine whether the probationer is engaging in best practices. The reviewing ND may also make recommendations for improvement. The Board is looking for ND's interested in reviewing patient charts. ND's are paid hourly for reviewing charts.

Subcommittee Membership
The Board is continually working on improving and clarifying administrative rules and statutes, and provide guidance to licensees on various practice areas. The Board convenes subcomiittees of licensees to advise the Board on diverse topics.

Attend Public Meetings
The Board, or subsets of the Board, hold public meetings and the Board encourages you to attend.