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Blueberry scorch virus (BBScV) is a plant disease of blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) and cranberries (V. macrocarpon) as well as other Vaccinium species. 


Damage to blueberry plants includes leaf, shoot and flower necrosis, dieback, reduction in fruit production, and in severe cases, death of plant. Cranberries are symptomless. Symptoms can easily be confused with other pest, disease, cultural or environmental problems. If BBScV is suspected, the only reliable method to verify its presence is through laboratory testing. Once infected, plants will permanently carry the virus. BBScV is transmitted by aphids, but can also be spr​ead by propagation via an infected mother plant.


Blueberry scorch virus information

Find out what it is, the regulations, certification, and virus testing. Blueberry scorch virus handout



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