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​​​​​​​Research grants are awarded annually through a cooperation between the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Nursery Research and Regulatory Advisory Committee and the Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN). Financial support is provided through a research assessment included as part of ODA’s annual nursery license fee.

Grants are awarded for research projects and investigations directed toward:

  • Prevention and elimination of plant diseases and insect pests
  • Development and improvement of cultural methods that are beneficial to the nursery industry

Request for proposals (RFP)

We are currently accepting proposals for the 2020-21 funding cycle. For more guidelines, please refer to the 2020 RFP Announcement

Deadline: October 1, 2020

Calendar of important dates for the 2020-21 funding cycle.

To be added to our contact list

If you would like to receive program announcements, please contact James Chin at​ to be added to our contact list.  

How to apply

Submit a 1-2 page research proposal. All research projects should be for a one year duration only. All proposals must include the following:

  • Name of principal investigator and collaborators, name of institution/organization, address, telephone, fax, and E-mail
  • Project background, including justification of how this research​ benefits the Oregon nursery industry
  • Project objectives
  • Overview of methods and timelines
  • Budget summary, including indirect costs for your institution or agency

Pro​posals​ are reviewed, evaluated, and prioritized by representatives from the nursery industry. Final approval and grant awards are made by ODA. For additional information, visit the research page hosted by the Oregon Association of Nurseries.


Authors of projects approved for funding will be expected to do following:

  • Present research results to the nursery industry
  • Provide a brief written mid-year report
  • Provide a final report detailing the research results


Funding is provided in the following allotments:

  1. 50% paid upon project approval
  2. 25% paid upon receipt and approval of mid-year report
  3. 25% payment paid upon receipt and approval of a final report

Current projects

  • ​Oregon State University North Willamette Research and Extension Center Nursery Production Internship—Investigators: Santamaria, Nackley, Landgren​​
  • Development of biologically based thrips management for nursery crops—Investigator: Man-Yeon Choi
  • Micropropagation of apple rootstock Geneva 214—Investigators: Wada, Reed
  • Survey for boxwood blight in Oregon nurseries—Investigator: Weiland
  • New cultivars of nursery plants with novel ornamental traits and disease resistance—Investigator: Conterras
  • Developing sterile forms of economically important nursery crops—Investigator: Conteras
  • The weight of water. Investigating gravimetric based irrigation control to improve water use efficiency in container production systems—Investigator: Nackley
  • Liverwort control in greenhouses with mustard seed meal and mulches—Investigator: Moretti
  • Investigating substrates to inform irrigation management—Investigator: Nackley


  • Liverwort control in greenhouses with pre-emergence herbicides and mustard seed meal—Investigator: Moretti
  • Essential oils as novel tools for controlling amber snails in Oregon nurseries—Investigator: McDonnell
  • Post-harvest physiology of woody species—Investigator: Nackley
  • Low-cost retrofit options for automating greenhouse environmental sensing—Investigators: Nackley, et al
  • New cultivars of nursery plants with novel ornamental traits and disease resistance—Investigator: Contreras
  • OSU North Willamette Research and Extension Center Nursery Production Internship—Investigators: Nackley, et al
  • Thrips damage and pupation habits—Investigator: Lee
  • Improved micropropagation of ornamental trees and apple rootstock—Investigator: Kandelous
  • Developing sterile forms of economically important nursery crops—Investigator: Contreras​


​Final reports




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