Shipping Plant Material


Shipping requirements

  • Contact ODA to arrange field inspections prior to harvest and certification. 
    • Provide at least five (5) days notice before the actual shipping date when requesting certificates.
  • Complete an electronically filed application on the Phytosanitary Certification Issuance and Tracking System (PCIT) for shipments out of the US and for states with this requirement.
  • Submit a list to ODA including all growers and growing locations from which Christmas tree harvest and shipping will occur.

Inspections and certifications are provided by ODA. All shipments require a shipping permit available from ODA, but only a few destinations require phytosanitary certificates.

Shipping cut Christmas trees to states and territories within the US

  • All bills of lading, invoices, and bills of sale should bear county of origin, as well as the name and address of the shipper. 
  • All shipments of Christmas trees grown in Oregon are required by Oregon law to be accompanied by a shipping permit.


2015-2016 Certified Pine Shippers for European Pine Shoot Moth Program

List of Certified Pine Shippers for European Pine Shoot Moth Program Certified pine shippers

Christmas Tree Inspection and Certification Request Form (2020)

To request inspection & certification services for Christmas tree shipments. Inspection and certification request form

Christmas tree license application

Apply for a Christmas tree license

Christmas tree license fee calculator

Christmas tree fee calculator

Christmas Tree Shipping Guide (2020)

A summary of Christmas tree shipping requirements. Guide to shipping requirements for Christmas trees

Exotic Phytophagous Snail Compliance Agreement (2020)

Required for shipments to Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. Snail Compliance Agreement

Shaking and Treatment Compliance Agreement (2020)

Required for shipments to Mexico, Hawaii, and Guam. Shaking and Treatment Compliance Agreement

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