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Shipping Plant Material

​​​What is a phytosanitary certificate?

A phytosanitary certificate is a document issued by a certified state or federal official that verifies that plants have been inspected and are free from pests, pathogens, and invasive weeds of concern to the importing state or country. All applications for certificates must be done online through the PCIT system.

What is a plant import permit?

A plant import permit is an official document listing requirements and restrictions from the receiving country. Please check with your area horticulturist for requirements. For detailed information, review our import permit information.

What is a plant shipping permit?

An Oregon shipping permit is a certificate issued by ODA that certifies the plant material is regularly inspected and found free of dangerous pests and diseases. Plant material shipped out of state must be accompanied by a shipping permit.​



Black stem rust description. Barberry and plant diseases

Blueberry scorch virus information

Find out what it is, the regulations, certification, and virus testing. Blueberry scorch virus handout

Email address for PCIT Help Desk

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) PCIT Helpdesk

European pine shoot moth Certification Information

Certification required for pine shipments to CA, MT, and HI. European pine shoot moth certification information

Held Export Worksheet

Fill out this document if a shipment is being held at an international border crossing. Held export worksheet

National Plant Board

The federal and state quarantine summaries are designed as a reference tool for nursery stock growers, brokers, purchasers, and others involved in the buying selling, and interstate transport of nursery and greenhouse plant crops. National Plant Board website

Nursery Shipping Permit example

Nursery Shipping Permit example

OAR Division 52: Pest and Disease Control

OAR 603-052: Pest and Disease Control

Phytosanitary Certificate issuance & tracking system instructions

PCIT system

Plant Health Import Permits

Federal Plant Health Import Permit USDA APHIS Plant Health

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

APHIS Plant Pest and Disease Programs website

USDA-APHIS Phytosanitary Export Database (PExD)

PExD contains phytosanitary import requirements of US-origin commodities to foreign countries. Phytosanitary Export Database

What are brown garden snails?

Describes what a Brown Garden Snail is and how different states regulate shipping into their states to keep BGS out. What are brown garden snails?

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Held plant material

For shipments being held by a state:
  • Contact ODA
For shipments held at an international border:


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