​The Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Program provides services to the 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout Oregon. These services include technical support and limited administrative oversight, with the intent of reducing both liability and risk to the SWCDs and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

View a map of Oregon's soil and water conservation districts​ 

Training opportunities

The Oregon Department of Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation District Program offers trainings to help support district operations, directors, and staff. Our staff is also available to provide operational technical assistance by phone, email, or in person. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions. This downloadable fact sheet​ provides a list of available training topics and services​. 


Directory of Oregon SWCDs

Directory of Soil and Water Conservation Districts; updated September 18, 2018. SWCD Directory



John Byers
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4718
Sandi Hiatt
SWCD Grants Administrator
Phone: 503-986-4704
Eric Nusbaum
SWCD Operations Specialist
Phone: 541-688-0396