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​​​​​​​​The Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Program provides services to the 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout Oregon. These services include technical support and limited administrative oversight, with the intent of reducing both liability and risk to the SWCDs and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

SWCD director election write-in process

Information about how write-in ballots for directors are counted can be found in a write-in fact sheet about the process. ​

Requirements to become a director at an SWCD

Each of the 45 SWCDs have an independent governing board of either five or seven elected director positions. Each SWCD board has two At Large positions. The requirement for eligibility for an At Large position is to reside within the SWCD's boundaries and be a registered voter in that SWCD. 

The other positions on the SWCD boards are Zone positions. Along with residing within the district's boundary and being a registered voter in that SWCD, eligibility also includes: 

  1. Actively managing 10 or more acres in the zone that is being represented and residing within the boundaries of the district, or 
  2. Residing within the zone that is being represented and actively managing 10 or more acres within the b​oundaries of the district, or 
  3. ​Residing within the zone, serving at least one year in a SWCD At Large position or in a SWCD associate director position, and having a conservation plan that is approved by the district. This eligibility option does not include a requirement of active management of 10 acres or more.    ​

Find your SWCD and zone

  • Put your address in the search bar of the SWCD m​ap pag​e​ to find your district and zone. 
  • For information about each of Oregon's SWCDs, see the SWCD Directory​, updated Jan. 10, 2023. ​ 

Training opportunities

The Oregon Department of Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation District Program offers trainings to help support district operations, directors, and staff. Our staff is also available to provide operational technical assistance by phone, email, or in person. Please contact us with questions. This training fac​t sheet​ provides a list of available​ topics and services​. 

With the election of new directors, the SWCD program usually travels to various parts of the state to provide an orientation for new directors and a refresher course on various legal obligations for every board member. Last year, because of travel and meeting restrictions, the training was held virtually​. There are recorded sessions for new and returning directors, managers, and staff.  ​​


Marganne Allen
Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4718
Sandi Hiatt
SWCD Grants Administrator
Phone: 503-986-4704
Alt Phone: 971-301-3605
Eric Nusbaum
SWCD Operations Specialist
Phone: 503-510-8930
Karin Stutzman
SWCD Program Lead
Phone: 971-304-8312
​​ ​​