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Events and Gatherings

Learn life skills and connect with your peers

Events are provided through ODHS or our partners. 

  • If you are 14 or older and have foster care experience, you may be eligible to attend
  • Learn valuable life skills
  • Establish healthy relationships
  • Connect with your peer community

Coordinate attendance and transportation with your caseworker and caregiver.

Statewide events

Summer and Winter camps provide opportunities for healing and skill development through ceremony, workshops, activities, movement, traditional games, crafts, and more. Youth participants will be given tools needed to live a life of balance.

Sponsored by Native Wellness Institute​ and ODHS

Each annual event features a different theme providing young adults with skill development, team building, wellness and recreational activities.​ 

Sponsored by Foster Club Oregon​​ and ODHS.​

​The Dream Conference includes team building, vision-casting and practical tools for mapping out pathways to the future. The College and Career Pathway Fair, as part of the conference, allows young people to network with partners in various trades, academic programs and other possible career paths. 

Sponsored by Foster Club Oregon​ and ODHS​.

KINn​ect events provide more regular spaces for siblings living apart to be together. These events are free and occur on Saturdays and Sundays for 2-3 hours and include a meal. Activities may include swimming, bowling, art and crafts, outdoor adventures, skating, etc. Kindred Matters also hosts Sibling Camps and Family Camps to help shape strong family connections. ​

Sponsored by Kindred Matters. See all upcoming events.

Regional events

Some of the Independent Living Programs have joined forces for a free, four-day overnight Spring Break Camp for youth involved with some of the Willamette Valley ILPs.

Four fun-filled days of activities designed specifically for independent living youth working on socialization skills and team building, along with "life learning" activities. Youth cook all of their meals and workshops are set up to work on important life skill topics.

Supervised and chaperoned by ILP workers and older (18+ college) ILP youth acting ​as Youth Camp Leaders.

Spots are limited. Youth must plan to participate and be involved in all parts of the camp.

Contact: Shannon Simich, 503-623-3310

Camp Makuala is a four-day, three-night camp for youth involved with the Independent Living Programs in Tillamook and outlying areas. The camp is held every year in the summer and is located along the Trask River. Days and evenings are filled with fun activities and youth learn important life skills needed to become healthy, independent adults. Campfires, a beach day, recreational activities such as swimming and basketball at the local YMCA and a tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory are just some of the activities. Youth also learn to cook their own meals at camp.

Supervised by the Independent Living Program Providers and adult volunteer staff.

Contact: Tiffany Beeler, 503-354-4174