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Referral Agents for Child-Caring Agencies

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Requirements for Referral Agents

A Referral Agent is an educational consultant, employee of a referral agency, or independent contractor who provides referrals to child-caring agencies. Referral Agents are commonly referred to as Educational Consultants or Therapeutic Consultants.

  • OAR 419-300-0000 to 419-300-0110  and Senate Bill 749  require all Referral Agents or other professionals who are compensated for providing program referrals to register with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) every two years. 
  • This rule applies when children who are residents of Oregon are being referred to programs inside or outside of Oregon, and when children from other states are being referred to programs in Oregon.

Certificate of Registration

Referral Agents must complete the registration process and obtain a Certificate of Registration from the department in order to provide program referrals as outlined in the rules above.

Registration application (PDF)Disclosure instructions (PDF)

Registered Referral Agents