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Vehicle Information

Vehicles used on Oregon’s roads and highways must be titled and registered in Oregon, unless they are titled and registered in the owner’s home state. To register a vehicle in Oregon, you must be a resident of this state, domiciled here, or otherwise required to register your vehicle in Oregon, as is the case for certain commercial vehicles. You must first have an Oregon title or apply for a title at the same time you register your vehicle.

Applying for Title and Registration

You will need:
  • Completed Application for Title and Registration, Form 735-226. You may also obtain an application at any DMV office, or call DMV to have the form mailed;
  • Original title or ownership document (Certificate of Origin, if brand new vehicle);
  • Original releases or bills of sale from any previous owners and lien releases from any previous security interest holders;
  • An odometer disclosure between you and the last owner, if the vehicle is model year 2011 and newer until the vehicle age is 20 years (add the odometer reading to the application if you are already an owner listed on the title);
  • If bought from an out-of-state dealer and is brand new or has 7,500 miles or less, you may need a Use Tax Certificate from the Oregon Department of Revenue (503) 945-8120;
  • If you have an out-of-state or out-of-country title, you need a VIN inspection, which can be completed by DMV at a DMV office or DEQ if emissions test is needed;
  • A Certificate of Compliance for passing the DEQ emissions test if you live in the Portland Metropolitan Service District (503) 229-5066, or the Rogue Valley in Jackson County (877) 476-0583 and want to register the vehicle; and
  • Title and any registration fees. Calculate your title fee, including any registration and new plate fees, online at, or call DMV.
Learn more about how to Title and Register your vehicle.

Have a Loan? 

Most lien holders require you to send all DMV documents and fees to their office and they will submit everything to DMV with the title. Contact your lien holder. 

Junk Vehicle

If the out-of-state title is a junk certificate, junk title, or similar ownership document, or there is a junk history in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), DMV cannot issue a title. 

Late Fees

If transferring an Oregon title, you must submit your application within 30 days to avoid a late fee.

Vehicle from Other Country

Call DMV to find out other requirements, or see the Foreign Ownership Documents section of the Titling and Registering Your Vehicle page.

Sold a Vehicle

Notify DMV:
You must notify DMV within 10 days of selling or gifting a vehicle.

Replacing Vehicle Plates

Replace your plates and/or stickers online at, or fill out and print a Replacement Application, Form 735-268. You may also obtain the form at any DMV office or have one mailed.

Use the fees below if only replacing plates. If you need to renew or want to change your plate background, go to or call DMV to find out fees.

  • Two-plated vehicles  $38.00
  • One-plated vehicles  $25.00

Renewing Your Registration

  • Pass the DEQ emissions test if you live within the Portland Metropolitan Service District or the Rogue Valley in Jackson County;
  • Take your renewal application to DEQ if you want to renew at DEQ after passing the test;
  • If you don’t renew at DEQ, submit the Certificate of Compliance with your renewal application to DMV, or renew online;
  • Most can renew online, even if the registration has been expired for up to a year, at;
  • Otherwise, complete the renewal application mailed to you and follow the instructions on the letter for mailing your renewal reminder with the fee listed.
Didn’t get a renewal reminder? Complete a Registration Application, Form 735-268

Find renewal fees at, or call DMV. Mail application and fees to:

    Oregon DMV
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR 97314