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Oregon Mosaic: Value and Cost Informed Planning

Mosaic is a new tool for use in transportation planning developed by the Oregon Department of Transportation in collaboration with local, regional, and statewide stakeholders. The approach offers planners and decision makers an effective and efficient way to evaluate the social, environmental, and economic costs and benefits of transportation actions and investments.

The Mosaic tool offers a common set of measures by which to evaluate options. It helps decision-makers select more cost-effective actions and investments. Mosaic’s approach provides a clear, traceable, and transparent record of the evaluation process, analysis, and decision-making for transportation actions and investments.

Mosaic is designed for planning level analysis and not for project level analysis or project prioritization or selection. Mosaic compares groups of transportation investments (bundles) to one another, but does not work at a fine enough resolution to evaluate individual projects.

Read more background information or check out the Mosaic Brochure.


Designed to be used frequently throughout the transportation planning process, Mosaic benefits several groups.

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