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Oregon Freight Plan Update

Project Overview


Federal requirements for freight plans mandate that updates be prepared at least once every 5 years. The most recent update to the Freight Plan was in 2017, which was in response to the Federal Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act of 2015 (“FAST Act") requiring changes to the composition of freight plans. Agency is in the process of updating the Oregon Transportation Plan (“OTP"), and Oregon Highway Plan (“OHP"), and will seek to make a targeted Oregon Freight Plan (“OFP") update during this cycle, with a more substantial update upon the completion of the OTP and OHP as part of a separate effort.

The purpose of this Project is to update the current OFP to include refreshing economic and transportation network data to the latest available, correct outdated operational analysis and inventory of existing facilities, and ensure plan compliance with all applicable Code of Federal Regulations (“CFRs"). Policy updates will be limited to portions of the OFP that are not in alignment with other state plans and policies that have been adopted since 2017. A more significant policy revision for the Freight Plan will occur after adoption of the Oregon Transportation Plan and Oregon Highway Plan.

The first OFP was adopted by the Agency in 2011 with a vision of a reliable, multimodal freight transportation system in Oregon by 2035. The vision included the connections between the multimodal freight transportation system and a healthy economy by safely and efficiently moving goods within Oregon, regionally, nationally and internationally. The FAST Act included new requirements for freight plans, and in response the Agency amended the existing freight plan in 2017 by adding a new federal compliance section.

More information coming soon.


EmailJohn Boren
Freight Project Manager