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Oregon Freight Plan Update

Project Overview


Federal rules require each state to prepare a freight plan and update it every 4 years (previously 5 years). The first Oregon Freight Plan was adopted by ODOT in 2011 with a vision of a reliable, multi-modal freight transportation system in Oregon by 2035. The most recent update to the Oregon Freight Plan was in 2017. Another update is required in 2022 and is currently underway. Since ODOT is also in the process of updating the Oregon Transportation Plan and the Oregon Highway Plan, both of which will have significant implications for freight policy, the current Freight Plan update will focus primarily on updating data and a more substantial update will be done in the next cycle following completion of the Oregon Transportation Plan and Oregon Highway Plan.

The main goals of the 2022 Oregon Freight Plan update are to include the latest available economic and transportation network data, correct outdated operational analyses and inventories of existing facilities, and ensure plan compliance with all applicable federal regulations. Policy updates will be limited to portions of the Oregon Freight Plan that are not in alignment with other state plans and policies that have been adopted since 2017. A more significant policy revision for the freight plan will occur after adoption of the Oregon Transportation Plan and Oregon Highway Plan.

Key Milestones 

(Dates in the Future are Subject to Change)

Project Kick-off – 12/13/2021

1st Oregon Freight Advisory Committee Presentation – 7/13/2022

2nd Oregon Freight Advisory Committee Presentation – 10/12/2022

Draft Plan Available (Published Online) – 10/15/2022

Public Hearing – 11/2/2022

Close of Comment – 12/2/2022

Adoption of Plan – 1/12/2023

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Freight Project Manager