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OR 99: Coleman Creek Culvert Replacement

Construction Phase

Region 3: Southwestern Oregon (Medford, Phoenix, Jackson)

​​​​​​​​​​​This project will replace the undersized culvert at Coleman Creek with a new bridge. New sidewalks and bike lanes will also be constructed.​​ The new bridge will reduce bank erosion and allow for better fish passage. 


Traffic Impact

  Expect single lane traffic with possible short delays through the work zone.

Construction Impacts

​Expect single lane traffic each direction for much of the project. 


Expect the bridge to be under construction through this fall, 2022. 
West half of new bridge is poured and when cured and complete, traffic will transition to the west side of the structure.



The Coleman Creek culvert is located along Oregon 99 (Rogue Valley Highway or North Main Street) at milepost 11.03, about 500 feet north of the North Phoenix Road intersection. The undersized culvert presents a barrier to fish passage.
The roadway width has little to no accomodation for pedestrians and cyclists, especially those who are disabled.

This project will replace the culvert with a bridge that allows better fish passage and is a priority creek for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

 he new bridge will accommodate four lanes of traffic and provide sidewalks and bike lanes, which the current crossing does not have. It will also be a good addition to future OR 99 transportation improvments scheduled in 2024 between Coleman Creek and Glenwood Road.


OR 99 | ​Oregon 99 (Rogue Valley Highway, milepost 11.03) at the north end of Phoenix.

Cost and Funding

This project is supported by fish passage funds. The current total cost estimate for this project is ~$5.7 million. 


​Stellar J​ Construction


​This project will remove an undersized, failing culvert and install a bridge. It will help with downstream erosion and enhance fish passage. New bike lanes and sidewalks will be constructed with the new bridge, which will make the roadway friendly for all users.

What Problem Will This Improve?

​​The roadway width at the culvert cannot properly accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. 

The culvert is failing, causing erosion in the streambed. The culvert's drop at the downstream side and environment inside is not conducive to fish passage.

Additional Information

Phoenix_ODOT Brief_ Feb7_2022final.pdf

Learn more about this and other ODOT projects in the Rogue Valley in the Winter edition of Moving Ahead with ODOT.​



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Gary Leaming

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6/2/2022 9:11 AM

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