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About the Council

Our Mission

To provide leadership in, and review and set policy for, the development and financing of affordable housing throughout the state of Oregon.

​The nine-member Council is charged with meeting the tremendous need for the provision of affordable housing for lower-income Oregonians. The Council members are appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate under ORS 171.562 and 171.565.​​​

Council Charter

Council Bylaws

Power and Duties 

Pursuant to ORS 456.555 (5)(a)(b)(c), the Oregon State Housing Stability Council shall, with the advice of the Director of Oregon Housing and Community Services, set policy and approve or disapprove rules and standards for programs, and approve or disapprove loans and grants, and carry out the provisions of ORS 456.567; and ORS 456.571​.

How to Interact with the Council

​The Council places great value on information received from the public. If you wish to give testimony on any topic, including items not on the agenda, please sign up on the sheets provided at the meeting. A designated public comment time takes place near the beginning of the meeting. If there is time the Council typically allows people to provide comment on specific agenda items at the time they are presented. As representatives of a larger constituency, federal, state, local, and tribal elected officials will be called up to testify first.
People wishing to testify or otherwise present information to the Council are encouraged to:
  1. Provide written summaries of information to the Council (8 copies);
  2. Limit testimony to three (3) minutes, recognizing that substance, not length, determines the value of testimony or written information;
  3. Endorse rather than repeat testimony of other witnesses; and
  4. Groups or organizations wishing to testify should designate one spokesperson whenever possible.​

Please see Tips for Providing Public Comment for more information on effectively presenting to the Council.

Written public comments delivered to the OHCS at least two business days in advance of the initial day of the meeting can be copied and distributed to the council.​

To mail in comments, please use this address:

Oregon Housing and Community Services
Attn: Oregon Housing Stability Council Assistant
725 Summer St. NE Suite B
Salem, OR 97301​
Reasonable accommodation, such as assistive hearing devices, sign language interpreters, and materials in large print or audiotape, will be provided as needed.

In order to ensure availability, please contact Administrative Services at 503-986-2000, or email at least 72 hours prior to the meeting to make your request. TTY users can reach OHCS at 503-986- 2100.
Giving public testimony can be an exciting and fulfilling experience if you are prepared. Your public comments may influence the Commission's action. It also becomes part of the permanent record and may be used in future research. Below are suggestions to help make your presentation successful.

Know Your Audience
  • The members of the Commission are citizens. They care that you have taken time out of your day to come and testify before them.
  • Be respectful. Resist the temptation to scold, put down, or insult the decision makers or other witnesses. This tactic may alienate them from your cause.​
​Know the Issue

Support your personal opinions with facts. Be knowledgeable of the other side of the story. You may be asked to discuss the differences. Draw from your own knowledge and experience.

Be familiar with the Council and know the location of the building, the meeting room, and the meeting time.
  • The agenda is available online and on the handout table in the back of the room.
  • You may want to attend a meeting before you testify to become familiar with the process and room layout.
  • When you arrive at the meeting, sign the public comment registration sheet. The Chair may call elected officials to present first.
  • No signs, banners, or placards are allowed unless pre-cleared by the commission assistant.​

Presenting Your Testimony

  • When you are called to testify, give copies of your testimony to the council assistant before you begin your presentation.
  • Make sure your microphone is on.
  • Begin your presentation by addressing the chairperson first, then members of the committee. "Chair___, members of the council . . ."
  • For the record, state your name and the organization or group you represent.
  • Do not read your testimony word for word. Prepare an outline and summarize.
  • Relax! The members understand that this can be an intimidating experience--they don't expect a perfect presentation.


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