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Public Record Requests

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Request public recordsOHCS records requests policy

Request records by mail or email

Records Request Form (PDF)

Fill out a Records Request Form.

Send your completed form by mail or email to:
Public Records Request Team
725 Summer Street NE, Suite B
Salem, Oregon 97301-1266

Records request fees

In accordance with ORS 192.440, OHCS has adopted a fee schedule based on reasonable estimates for the cost of providing access to records.

Fees for staff time required to fulfill a public records request shall not exceed:

  • $25 per hour for Clerical (administrative, office specialists, other support staff)
  • $40 per hour for Managerial (Program managers, Public Information Officers)
  • $75 per hour for Professional (IT, HR, High-level Analyst)
  • DOJ, special attorney, and other applicable legal fees are charged at the actual hourly rate charged for public records request-related services.

Fee and payment details are in the OHCS records requests policy.

Fees may be waived or reduced for public records requests. Please ask for an application after you have received an invoice.

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OHCS Public Records Team