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Public Record Requests

Oregon Housing and Community Services wants to ensure that members of the public and the media have appropriate access to the documents and records maintained by the agency.

The following materials will assist you in making your request to our agency. We will respond to public record requests as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay.
Requests for public records that are in the custody of Oregon Housing and Community Services may be made by submitting a written request. 

Written requests should be submitted to:

Public Record Request
Public Affairs Division
725 Summer Street NE, Suite B
Salem, Oregon 97301-1266

You can submit a request by:
- online form on this webpage 
- by UP Postal mail (Use fillable form here
- by Fax, 503-986-2020​

The request must include the following information:
  • The name and address of the person requesting the public record.
  • The telephone number or other contact information for the person requesting the public record;
  • A sufficiently detailed description of the record(s) requested to allow Oregon Housing andCommunity Services to search for and identify responsive documents.
  • Whether the documents are requested in a paper or electronic format, or if you wish to inspect the documents.
  • Whether a waiver or reduction of fees is requested. If so, please provide information on how the release of the documents would primarily serve the public interest.
  • The request should:
    • Be dated;
    • Be signed by the person requesting the public record.​

Oregon Housing and Community Services will charge a fee to recover the costs associated with responding to a public records request. These costs will include the following:
  • Locating and retrieving requested documents
  • Reviewing and redacting information protected by state law
  • Time spent placing documents in usable formats
  • The cost for copies of documents
  • The cost for employees to supervise the review of documents by the requester.
OHCS will typically waive the first 30 minutes of staff time spent processing a public records request. In addition to the costs in the chart below, OHCS will charge for the actual costs associated with supplies and mailing costs.


Public Records Request Team
725 Summer Street NE, Suite B
Salem, Oregon 97301-1266