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Public Records

The Oregon Public Defense Commission (OPDC) may charge a fee for the cost of fulfilling a public records request when the cost to fulfill the request exceeds $25. If the cost exceeds $25, OPDC will provide the requester with a cost estimate and will not proceed with fulfilling the request until the agency received written confirmation from the requester that the agency should proceed with the request. OPDC may require payment in advance.

Fees to fulfill public records requests may be waived or reduced if doing so is in the public interest. Regardless of the level of public interest, a requester must have the ability to meaningfully disseminate the information for a request to qualify as being in the public interest. The determination of whether a fee is waived or reduced will be assessed using these criteria Public Interest Threshold Evaluation Form.

The first 30 minutes of staff time will be waived for all public records requests. You may be required to cover the cost to complete a records request that requires additional staff time to fulfill. Costs may also include locating, photocopying, reviewing, redacting, making available for inspection, and mailing or emailing the requested documents. Standard fees are $0.25/page for photocopies and $5.00/record for certification of a public record.

Staff time to fulfill requests is charged as follows:

  • Administrative - $25/hour: Clerical (administrative, office specialist, other support staff)
  • Managerial - $40/hour: Managerial (Program managers, PIOs)
  • Professional - $75/hour: Professional (IT, HR, High-level Analyst)
  • Attorneys - General counsel, DOJ, special attorney, or other applicable legal fees: at the actual hourly rate charged for Public Records Request-related services. Fees subject to Statutory limitations described in ORS 192.324.

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