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OPDS Contact Information

Main Line: 503.378.3349
For Trial Level Representation, Contracts, Billing & Accounting -  Press 
For Criminal Appellate - Press 2 
For Juvenile Appellate - Press 3 
 Fax:   503.378.4463 (Financial Services)
           503.378.2163 (Appellate Division)
For media inquiries email:
For all other inquiries email:

Administrative Services Division

Executive Director, Jessica Kampfe

Mona Riesterer, Executive Assistant for Executive Director & PDSC:

Government Relations Manager, Autumn Shreve:

Government Relations Manager, Lisa Taylor:

General Counsel, Eric Deitrick

Internal Auditor, Latham Stack

Deputy Director, Brian DeForest
Mona Riesterer, Executive Assistant for Deputy Director:

Chief Criminal Trial Counsel, Laurie Bender:

Chief Juvenile Trial Counsel, Shannon Flowers:

Policy - Heather Pate, Policy Manager
Morgan Fitzgerald, Operations & Policy Analyst 3
Amy Jackson, Program Analyst 4
Nikita Gillis, Policy Analyst 2

Human Resources - Wendy Heckman, OPS & HR Manager
Questions related to Human Resources:
Chantelle Avila, Human Resource Analyst 2

Facilities - Laura L. Al Omrani, Facilities Manager

Information Technology/Data & Research - Jim Conlin, Chief Information Officer

Bradly Meyer, Information Technology Specialist 4
Cody Wingard, Information Technology Specialist 2
Wesley Baker, Information Technology Specialist 2

Project Management
Brandi Meyer, Project Manager
Krystal Styles, Project Manager
Kathryn Stiller, Business Analyst

Data & Research
Shelley Dillon, Research Analyst
Harry Noone, Data Analyst
Madeline Davis, Research Analyst

Case Support Services (CSS)/Contracts - Ralph Amador, Finance Manager

Questions regarding CSS submission process or regarding a particular CSS:

Amanda Deyerle-Olney, Program Analyst 3
Bobbi Wade, Program Analyst 1
Brya Handley, Program Analyst 1
Kristen McClelland, Program Analyst 2

Adelina Hernandez, Program Analyst 4
Alena Haines, Program Analyst 4
Megan Doak, Program Analyst 4
Cathy Hoffman, Program Analyst 2
Benjamin McCartney, Program Analyst 4

Accounting - Ralph Amador, Finance Manager

Gabriel Dougherty, Fiscal Analyst
Paul Johnson, Budget Analyst
Jenny Carson-Phillips, AP - Accountant/Financial Analyst

Accounts Payable - Karla Bethell, Supervisor
Invoice Inquiries: Please include your invoice/case number in the email. This will help expedite processing time. If you experience a billing issue that has been longer than 30 days*:

Lisa Ellison, Accountant 1
McKenzie Lulay, Accountant 1
Melissa Delacruz, Accounting Tech 3
Nichole Overturf, Accounting Tech 3
Sandra Warden, Accounting Tech 3
Peggy Lulay, Accounting Tech 2
Melissa Ceja, Accounting Tech 2
Klint Mallery, Accounting Tech 2