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About Us

The Marine Board is dedicated to making the state's waterways safe and enjoyable for all boaters and it's our mission to: 
Serve Oregon's recreational boating public through education, enforcement, access, and environmental stewardship for a safe and enjoyable experience  
The Marine Board is funded by registration fees and marine fuel taxes paid by motorized boaters. Beginning in 2020, non-motorized boaters will help fund non-motorized boating facility grants through a waterway access permit program. No general fund tax dollars are used to support the agency or its programs.  Boater-paid fees go back to boaters in the form of marine law enforcement services, boating safety education, environmental programs, and boating access facilities (restrooms, parking, docks, pumpout/dump stations, and maintenance assistance).  

 Marine Board History Banner
  • 2015, boat registration fees increased from $3 per foot to $4.50 per foot to maintain current service levels for at least six years.  Fees are set by the Oregon Legislature.
  • 2018, Larry Warren took the helm as the agency Director.
  • 2019, the legislature passed SB 47, creating a Waterway Access Account through fees paid by non-motorized boaters who operate boats 10' long and longer with a transferrable permit. The Waterway Access Permit replaces the Aquatic Invasive Species Permit beginning January 1, 2020. The fees support both the aquatic invasive species and waterway access boating facility grant programs. The Oregon Legislature also approved increased fees from $4.50 per foot to $5.95 per foot for motorized boat registrations, title fees from $50 to $75 and boater education cards from $10 to $20. Fees go into effect on January 1, 2020. The Oregon Legislature also approved a bill requiring boat rental businesses to register with the Marine Board as a mechanism for sharing boating safety information and education to pass along to their customers.   


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