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LEDS 20/20 At Your Agency

The LEDS 20/20 Application is a free, zero-footprint, full LEDS/NCIC access application developed by Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI) and tailored specifically for Oregon LEDS Users as a part of the LEDS 20/20 Project.  If you have not heard about this application or need more information, make sure to check out our FAQ page and our LEDS 20/20 Flyer.  Additionally, a demonstration is conducted the first Tuesday of every month; email for an invitation.

If your agency would like to enroll in the LEDS 20/20 Application, you will need to follow the steps outlined in the documents linked to this page.  LEDS 20/20 is free for any agency in Oregon (that has authority for LEDS access), however there is some upfront effort from your agency in setting up the application.  To begin the enrollment, send us an e-mail and we will get you started!

This checklist will walk your agency through what YOU need to do in order to enroll in LEDS 20/20.  Remember, LEDS 20/20 is free for your agency, however, there is still some work to get it there.

Enrollment Road Map and Checklist​ 
Follow the checklist in order.  Skipping around on the checklist can cause delays for your agency in accessing LEDS 20/20.  OSP will load usernames once a month; so consider that timeline when you are trying to work through these tasks.

Though LEDS 20/20 will take most of the burden away from local IT departments, there are still a couple of items that will need to be completed by agency IT personnel during the enrollment.

Local Agency IT staff will need to work with OSP IT staff to allow the local IP access to the LEDS 20/20 URL.  LEDS 20/20 operates with an approved list of IPs, and your agencies IP will need to be added to that list.

LEDS 2020 Rollout IT Form

Once your agency has completed the LEDS 20/20 IT form, you will need to send it to, in a secure, CJIS compliant fashion. ​

In LEDS 20/20, LEDS Representatives from local agencies are now TACs (Terminal Agency Coordinators).  This is a term from FBI CJIS, and will be used to refer to LEDS Reps.  As the TAC for your agency, you will be responsible for training users at your agency, as well as creating all User Accounts for your agency.

Once your agency is interested in the LEDS 20/20 Application you will need to fill out the LEDS 20/20 Enrollment form.  This form tells us how you agency needs to be configured in the application and allows us to enable certain presets.  This form also identifies contact points for you agency for the application.

LEDS 20/20 Enrollment Form

If your agency has many users, you will work with the LEDS 20/20 team to compile a list of users and we will load those accounts into LEDS 20/20 for your agency.  We load agency users on a monthly basis (or as needed).

Additionally, OSP will host two 'Train the Trainer' sessions during the 3rd week of every month that you will be required to attend.  These sessions will cover how to use LEDS 20/20 as well as creating and managing user accounts through the eAgent Client Manager (or the ECM).

LEDS 2020 Enrollment Username Master​​​​

Each agency is responsible for training their own users.  However, we will provide any resources we can to help you.

LEDS 20/20 is the primary application that most users will utilize.  We have several guides that focus on  the beginners as well as the more advanced  users of LEDS 20/20. 

LEDS 20/20 Application 101 The Basics

Diverse Computing has also created training videos for the application.  These videos are shown across the country, and some things in them may be different than the Oregon LEDS 20/20 Application.  You can watch those videos here:

Diverse Computing eAgent Training​

Though most TACs will enjoy the use of the above links for assistance in their training, we also have some documents designed specifically for them.  These documents will cover Team Inboxes, creating new users, and organizing users within your agency.​

​Once you work through the checklist​​, you will gain the ability to access the LEDS 20/20 website at​. Once there, you will find additional User Manuals for ECM (eAgent Client Manager) as well as LEDS 20/20 itself (referred to as eAgent 2.0 by the developer).

When your agency has completed access and is live, all future questions should be referred to the LEDS Help Desk.

Parole & Probation and Community Corrections Agencies have unique needs with hit notifications.  LEDS 20/20 can handle these unique needs, however careful planning is required.​

If you are with a Parole and Probation or Community Corrections Agency, then this process will be slightly different regarding the timing of tasks. Please reach out to the LEDS 20/20 team to let them know you are interested by e-mail using the link below.

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LEDS 20/20 LEDS Helpdesk
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Phone: 503-378-5565
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