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About the LEDS 20/20 Project

The LEDS 20/20 Project, formerly known as the CrimeVue Replacement Project, officially began in February 2017, though work towards the project started several years earlier.  Oregon State Police LEDS (Law Enforcement Data Systems) partnered with Diverse Computing, Inc. to replace the 20-year-old hardware and software of LEDS with a modern, faster, and standardized system.

Tasks relating to the replacement of the Oregon LEDS Message Switch, Oregon Hot Files, and the Oregon Criminal History Repository were completed in January of 2020.  The project is currently in the process of developing applications for use within the Oregon State Police Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Division to facilitate updates to the Firearms Background Check Unit, the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Unit, and the ABIS (Automated Biometric Information Systems – Fingerprinting) Unit.

The LEDS 20/20 Project also includes an application, known as the LEDS 20/20 Application, for use at any Oregon LEDS Agency. This application was originally developed by Diverse Computing, Inc. over 5 years ago, streamlined for use in Oregon, and re-branded in Oregon as the LEDS 20/20 Application.  The LEDS 20/20 Application is available at no-cost to any Oregon LEDS Agency.  A demonstration of the LEDS 20/20 application is conducted on the first Tuesday of every month, please e-mail  for an invitation. ​

 The LEDS 20/20 Project is an iterative project of several phased functional deployments to production rather than one single deployment of all new functionality. 

Oregon’s new message switch is known as FUSE.  FUSE was initially implemented in January of 2018 with various connections migrated from the legacy message switch to FUSE through January 2020. FUSE brought Oregon’s message switch up to the national standard of communication allowing Oregon to seamlessly pass messages across the country, to and from other states systems, and within Oregon​.

​Oregon's backend database is now known as Record Manager. Record Manager contains distinct modules for Oregon's Computerized Criminal History (CCH) and Hot Files Records.  The new database incorporates national standards for required record information, as well as, a standardized criminal history format used by the FBI and dozens of states across the country.​

FUSE is integrated with a modern, intuitive LEDS access application known as eAgent 2.0.  This web based application was rebranded for Oregon as LEDS 20/20.  LEDS 20/20 is being offered to any Oregon Agency at no cost.    The LEDS 20/20 Application is live now and available to any Oregon LEDS Agency.  A demonstration of the LEDS 20/20 application is conducted on the first Tuesday of every month.  If your agency is interested in attending a demonstration or would like additional information on this free application, please e-mail ​

The LEDS 20/20 Project also includes the development of an application known as the eAgent Identity Center (EIC) that will support three units within OSP’s CJIS Division.

The EIC was designed to streamline the workflows and reduce redundancies of multiple applications used by the CCH Unit. This application is currently in production.

Development is underway for a new application for the ABIS unit (Fingerprint identification) that will be integrated with LEDS and connect them to national databases.

The Firearms Unit (firearms background checks) is getting a new application that will make it easier for gun dealers in Oregon to get background checks into Oregon State Police as well as streamline the delay and research process by combining several applications into one.

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LEDS 20/20 LEDS Helpdesk
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