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LEDS 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not represented below, please reach out to directly.

No.  The LEDS 20/20 Application is being made available to any Oregon LEDS agency at no cost.   No strings attached.  It is FREE for your agency.

If you are interested in using the LEDS 20/20 Application at your agency please reach out to for more information.  You can also navigate to the LEDS 20/20 Enrollment section on this website using the “LEDS 20/20 at your agency" link found under additional resources below.​

LEDS 20/20 is a LEDS/NCIC application like WebLEDS or Forsecom (other Oregon LEDS Applications).  LEDS 20/20 is integrated into the LEDS message switch directly.  This allows for more consistent LEDS access since LEDS 20/20 does not rely on third party servers.  LEDS 20/20 can communicate with other LEDS connected applications such as your RMS, CAD, or MDTs over LEDS itself.  LEDS 20/20 does not integrate directly with third party applications.

If your RMS, CAD, or MDT received LEDS access through a third party (such as WebLEDS or Forsecom) then please reach out to us at  We can work to get your software the direct LEDS access it requires without relying on third party systems.​

LEDS 20/20 is available to any Oregon Agency that has the authority to access LEDS.  Some agencies in Oregon are considered 'served by'; this means a partner agency runs any queries they may need.  'Served by' agencies, as well as any other agency that has statutory authority to access LEDS, may use the LEDS 20/20 Application.

If your agency does not currently have LEDS access, but you have the authority and would like to enroll in LEDS 20/20 then please reach out to!  Access to the LEDS 20/20 Application is most easily completed when your agency is already connected, however, we will work with any agency to make it happen. ​

The LEDS 20/20 project has multiple phases to it.  Most elements of the LEDS 20/20 System are live currently.  There are several Oregon State Police applications that are still in development.

The LEDS 20/20 Application is currently available for use at any Oregon LEDS Agency, and is live now.  Reach out to for more information regarding getting the LEDS 20/20 Application at your agency.

A demonstration of the LEDS 20/20 application is conducted on the first Tuesday of every month.  E-mail  for an invitation.​

Of course!  The LEDS 20/20 Application will be great for receiving fingerprint results at your agency.  Responses from ABIS will come into a Team Inbox that users at your agency will be able to access and print/save as necessary.  All responses will come in as their own message, allowing you to look at responses collectively or individually as needed. ​

​Looking to learn more about the LEDS 20/20 Application? Check out these pages for more information.

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LEDS 20/20 LEDS Helpdesk
OSP Headquarters
3565 Trelstad Ave. SE
Salem, OR 97317
Phone: 503-378-5565
Available 24 hours a day