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Hazardous Substance Storage Information & Incident Reports

By March 1 of every year, Oregon businesses are required to report any hazardous substance in a reportable quantity during the previous calendar year to the OSFM. A substantive change must be reported within 30 days.

Information collected by the Community Right to Know program is available to fire service personnel, law enforcement, emergency planners, health professionals, and the public. We provide online searchable databases and custom reports available by public records requests. 

Hazardous Substance Storage Information

Facility information is available online and accessible at any time. Click here for additional information.

Hazmat Incident Reports

The OSFM collects hazardous substance incident reports from emergency responders. Hazmat incidents from 1985-2009 can be found in the hazardous substance incident searchable database. Hazmat incidents from 2010 through the current year can be found using the annual hazardous substance incident report excel spreadsheets. The current year's report is updated monthly.

Click here for additional information.

Public Records Requests

For specific information or a custom report on hazardous substance storage or hazmat incidents, please submit a public records request.


Hazardous Substance Hotlines
503-378-6835 or 800-454-6125

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