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Fire service professionals are called on to do a lot more than fight fires. Everything you do is an essential function to the important, life-saving work for which you are known. One of your responsibilities is to develop skills in delivering effective fire and life safety messages and programs that are age-appropriate for all citizens, both young and old.

Your community and schools rely on you to provide accurate information in your area of expertise-fire and life safety. You can rely on them for accurate information in their areas of expertise-effective teaching strategies, research, and child development.

We consulted with experienced fire educators and teaching professionals to develop this easy-to-use guide for station tours. The content and suggestions provided within the guide are research based and supported by leading fire and life safety educators across the country. Yet, one size does not fit all. The guide was developed to allow users the flexibility to adapt the material based on your agency’s standard operating procedures and the needs of your community.
The information  is organized by age groups and color coded. The guide aligns key fire safety messages to the developmental abilities of each age group and provides scripts that you can use to deliver fire and life safety messages while conducting a tour. 


Fire and Life Safety Education Division​​​​

Youth Fire Safety Programs
Sara Jasmin- Coordinator

Fire and Life Safety Education Hotline

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Office of State Fire Marshal
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