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Response Ready Oregon

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About the Initiative

The OSFM’s Response Ready Oregon initiative was created to bolster capacity and modernize wildfire response within the Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System (OFMAS). The goal of Response Ready Oregon is to attack fires while they are small and keep them away from communities.

RRO.pngAs part of Response Ready Oregon, the OSFM hired seven regional mobilization coordinators (RMCs). These RMCs are the local contact for fire chiefs for local response needs. For an interactive map with contact information, visit the OSFM field staffing map

RMCs collaborate with Fire Defense Board chiefs and fire chiefs to develop, administer, and maintain strategies and plans to improve the OFMAS.    

Ways Response Ready Oregon helps local jurisdictions and Fire Defense Board chiefs: 

  • Modernized systems and technology that support the Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System (OFMAS)  
  • Assist the Oregon fire service by the creation and enhancements of local and regional mutual aid plans   
  • Assist Fire Defense Board chiefs during initial fire attack, fire assessment, and requests for conflagration, if necessary  
  • Fire season readiness reviews   
  • Assist with determining fire service gaps and needs   
  • Liaison with the emergency management community, ODF, and other state, tribal, and federal wildland fire partners
  • Offer statewide training, safety, and planning to support the OFMAS  

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Part of the Response Ready Oregon initiative is the ability for the OSFM to pre-position resources ahead of expected increased wildfire conditions, such as high winds, lightning, or hot weather. During the summer of 2022, the OSFM pre-positioned resources six times.  

Immediate Response   

Immediate Response is another tool the OSFM has at its disposal. This is an OSFM-initiated mobilization of OFMAS resources to an active incident for short-term surge capacity outside an emergency conflagration. In 2022, the OSFM mobilized firefighters and apparatus to 12 incidents to bolster initial response capacity.    

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Feedback and Collaboration

The OSFM hosted various listening and understanding sessions for partnering agencies, the public, and the Oregon fire service. View the presentation here.