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Steps to retire.
(Only steps six and eight are required, but we recommend you consider the others.) 
​​How do I know if I am eligible to retire? If you are a school employee, read Creditable Service for School Employees for more information.​
​Get a benefit estimate. You can use Online Member Services or request a written benefit estimate.
PERS processes many written benefit estimates in retirement date order, with the earliest retirement dates first. We perform eligibility reviews on approximately 35 percent of members who request an estimate. This can cause a delay, but we are able to identify eligibility issues before the estimate is generated.
Benefit estimates use updated actuarial factors effective January 1, 2020.​
​​Read the Pre-Retirement Guide for step-by-step information about retiring as an OPSRP Pension Program member. The guide will help you complete your Service Retirement Application.
​​Complete the Service Retirement Application​. Remember, you need to turn in your retirement application within the 90-day period BEFORE your retirement date. You will receive your first benefit payment within 92 days of your effective retirement date.
​​Notify your employer that you are retiring. Your employer must send a Notice of Separation to PERS so we can process your retirement.
Police and firefighter (P&F) special retirement information: If you are an OPSRP P&F member who wants to take early retirement (beginning at age 50 if you have held a P&F positon continuously for five or more consecutive years immediately before your retirement date), PERS must receive your OPSRP Retirement Application  BEFORE the first day of the month FOLLOWING your termination date to be eligible for early retirement. To retire at the early or normal retirement age, you must have worked continuously as a P&F member for at least 60 months immediately preceding your retirement, and your effective retirement date must be the first of the month following your separation from P&F employment.


911 operators can retire if they have 25 years or more of creditable service as a 911 operator. To ensure you meet this requirement, complete the Oregon Retirement Service Plan (OPSRP) Certification of 911 Operator Service form, and submit it to PERS.

​Other Information

If you have questions or need to look up a specific OPSRP Pension Program subject, please refer to the Quick Answers.

Important information if you are a school employee​.

Refer to Account Withdrawal if you are not eligible to retire and are not working for a PERS-covered employer.

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